Anna Field

Skin Care Therapist

Anna Field

"PRACTISE. Look for bosses who develop staff. If you don’t like people don’t do it. If you love making people feel good about themselves then this is an industry for you."

From rural farm girl to national training and promotions manager for La Prairie Australia and Asia, Anna Field founded a successful beauty salon in the heart of bustling Paddington, Sydney.

Anna’s professional journey has enabled her to work with the best and gain insider, in-depth knowledge while still being able to deliver exclusive beauty advice and real results with the no-nonsense practicality of the farm girl she once was.

Anna enjoys passing on her proven approach and knowledge of caring for all skin types and conditions to her staff.  All of her beauty therapists go through her rigorous training regime: so they, in turn, will consistently deliver quality results that give you confidence.

1 What did you study and how has your career path evolved?

I studied an ITEC Diploma of Aesthetics and Physiatrics back in 1987. I got my first job in a shonky place that used me as a front for a “massage parlour”. Two weeks later I was working in a reputable salon with an amazing boss who invested time into me. I then worked in multiple salons across Australia seeking out bosses who are experts in different areas and ones that developed their staff. This is how I became well-rounded in the field.

Eventually I was given leadership, training roles and management. I also had an opportunity to run a cosmetic counter in David Jones. This gave me a huge break as I then became the national training manager and international promoter for Asia. During my ten years in this position I have travelled the world, spent time with the heads of research and development and other national trainers. I also became a master practitioner of NLP (neurolinguistics programing).

Thirteen years ago I opened my own salon after always wanting to run a business. I love both aspects of the hands-on client experience and the business back end.

2 What advice would you offer students looking to become beauty therapists?

PRACTISE. Look for bosses who develop staff. If you don’t like people don’t do it. If you love making people feel good about themselves then this is an industry for you.

3 What does the average of a beauty therapist look like?

What I love about what I do is the variety. I am an expert in all aspects of Beauty Therapy even though my reputation is for skin care and facials. So a good day for me is a mixture of facials, waxing and nails. I probably do a load or two of laundry, cleaning and I take pride in my environment. I also spend time supporting and helping my colleagues and my absolute favourite thing to do is interact with clients; giving them advice, tips and product suggestions.

4 What inspired you to get into into Beauty Therapy?

In the beginning it was to get out of school and get working. It wasn’t until technology became more prolific and my role evolved from pampering to achieving goals that I fell in love with this industry.

I was lucky I was smart and didn't drop out of school when I thought, "I'm not capable, I just want to get working." The industry is so developed now, with various technologies that make it important that aspiring therapists have both a flare for human biology and science; and also love using their hands.

5 What's the best part of your job?

Helping people be the best they can be, whether they're a client or a staff member.

6 What are the top 3 characteristics you might look for when hiring a skin care therapist?

1. People who have experience in delighting and dealing with people.
2. People who thrive on developing and working in a team.
3. People who are proactive in their own development.

7 Anything else you would like to add?

For a therapist to achieve results you must be able to influence people to take your advice, without this ability you are only a pair of hands.

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