Amylita Galvez

Open Colleges Student

Amylita Galvez

Certificate II in Nail Technology

"If you love feeling beautiful and want to make others feel beautiful then this is for you!"

Twenty-two year old Amylita was born and raised in Brisbane. She is half Australian and half Filipina. What makes Amylita most happy are her family and partner, weekends, dogs, travelling and most importantly; nails!

She is very new to the beauty industry and has a background in hospitality and finance. Amylita has always dreamed of starting her own business and would love to one day use her passion for nails and design to start her own nail salon ‘Amylita’s Nails.’

1 What attracted you to studying Nail Technology with Open Colleges?

For a while I had been thinking of completing my Certificate II in Nail Technology but I didn’t really have time to complete the course in a classroom. I then noticed that Open Colleges allowed you to complete the modules in your own time and it was all done online. I knew that this was something I was really interested in doing and I was so excited to be able to do it in the comfort of my own home. I had a few questions so I contacted Open Colleges and next thing I knew, I was enrolled.

2 How did you go finding your work placement?

I have to admit, when it came to finding a work placement it was quite challenging. However, I continued to speak to more and more nail technicians and eventually found the perfect salon for me to complete my placement and loved every moment of it.

3 What are your career goals? Are you planning any further study at this stage?

I haven’t got any plans to complete further studies within the beauty industry at the moment but I will definitely think about it for the near future. My career goals are to continue to learn and perfect my skills as a nail technician and then possibly learn the skill of applying eyelash extensions.

4 What advice would you offer other students looking to get into the industry?

My advice for those who are looking at joining the beauty industry is, if this is something you are passionate about, then do it! If you love feeling beautiful and want to make others feel beautiful then this is for you! I waited and contemplated for too long and wish I started doing nails earlier. It is so therapeutic and I love making ladies feel beautiful.

5 What has been your favourite part of the course thus far?

My favourite part of completing this course was being able to get a feel for the industry through work placement and just being able to continue to learn and up skill myself. By completing work placement I was able to observe and familiarise myself within a salon atmosphere to prepare me for the industry I was about to enter.

6 What sort of traits and skills do you think you need to work in the beauty industry?

Some of the skills and traits that I personally think you need to have to be in the industry are; patience, determination, an eagerness to learn and practise, be a people person and have an eye for detail . To be able to continue in the beauty industry you also need to be able to keep going and never give up when it starts to get hard because it’s going to be difficult before it gets better. But it will be worth it.

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