Alison Shaw

Massage Therapist at Ripple Massage

Alison Shaw

"Update your training every year! Fifteen years after doing my initial training I still do two or three massage training courses each year."

Ali Shaw founded Ripple Massage, a national mobile massage and beauty business, eleven years ago.

In addition to being a recognised business owner, Ali is also a professional massage therapist, having trained in many styles including remedial, Kahuna, Balinese, Indian Head, pregnancy, and reflexology. Ali is passionate about the industry and giving new therapists to the industry a foot in the door.

1 What advice would you offer students looking to get into the massage industry?

Consider doing work experience for a couple of days for any potential salons or companies you might be applying for. This will set you apart from the other candidates and it will also be a good way to see if you like the company as well. Also send out your resume to companies that aren’t advertising for staff, salons and clinics often hire without advertising. With everything be professional, follow up your phone call and don’t be disheartened. It can often be difficult to get a start in this industry so be persistent.

2 In your opinion, what 3 things make an outstanding massage therapist?

Passion for ensuring your clients are completely happy, reliability and professionalism.

3 What 3 tips would you offer students looking for a work placement?

Make it your full time job to get a job or placement. Have a professional looking resume, ensure your phone is on and return calls promptly, make sure you have a voicemail service set up on your phone for voice messages, and be prepared to travel. Your dream job might not be a local clinic.

4 What's the secret to staying relevant in the industry?

Update your training every year! Fifteen years after doing my initial training I still do two or three massage training courses each year. Also get a lot of massages, either as swaps or as booked-in clients, with as many different styles as you can experience. I often learn a lot just by having a massage from someone new.

5 Is work experience and training important in the industry?

Absolutely! A company is far more likely to hire someone that has some work experience and training than someone who hasn’t.

6 What are the latest trends in the industry in Australia?

The industry is expanding so specialisation in unique styles of massage is becoming more popular.

7 Anything you would like to add?

Yes! Ripple Massage works across 19 regions in Australia and we are always looking for therapists in all our regions to join our team, either on casual or guaranteed hours. We especially love hiring professional, reliable therapists straight out of training. Please email us your resume on more details at

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