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The Worry Woman

by Rhiannon Feast

She was always nervous. There was forever something to be scared of. Going to the dentist, losing everyone she loves. It was a constant hum, soft and slow, always lingering and narrating her life. It had been this way for so long, until it turned into more of a pressing thud, that really makes things interesting. What am I going to do with myself? Surely this pharmacy job can’t be it. BOOM. Panic sets in. Then the comparison starts. I studied with someone who is an engineer now. An actual, legitimate engineer, and I’m feeding a codeine addicted town.

Something had to be done. Sending herself mad with worry for the future, and comparison between friends was becoming a full time job, and not the type she pictured for herself.

All it took was a phone call and a whole lot of new found self-confidence, and now the future isn’t so scary. Sitting down to study gives her a sense of purpose and invests in her tomorrow. She started enjoying the thrill of having to think and be creative again. Nobody was going to come knocking on her door in this small town, offering her the job she’s always dreamed of, she had to work hard for herself.

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