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What are the career options in Travel & Tourism?

by Maria Onzain

**Open Colleges does not currently offer any travel and tourism courses**

The travel and tourism industry is currently growing, and this is expected to continue in the future, making it a great time to start a career in this sector.

Firstly, you will need to consider whether this industry is the right fit for you. You’ll be working with customers on a day-to-day basis, so you’ll need to be enthusiastic, work well with others and have good listening skills as well as verbal and written communication skills. You’ll also need to work with other agents and people from the travel industry, so effective teamwork is a must. You’ll be booking holidays via booking systems and other online accounts, so you need to be confident using technology. However, flexibility, organisation and being able to deal with difficult situations under pressure is also valuable.

Job opportunities in Travel & Tourism

Travel Agent

As a Travel Agent, you will assess clients’ needs, budgets, likes, needs, wants and capabilities to provide advice and to find the most suitable travel options for them. Responsibilities include planning trips, booking international and domestic transportation, accommodation, activities, tours, insurance and fares. You will need to make all reservations through a booking system.

Travel Consultant

Just like Travel Agents, a Travel Consultant’s aim is to organise the best possible trip based on a client’s specific requirements. The main difference though is that as a Travel Consultant, you will generally rely on your personal knowledge and own destination experience. This means you can work directly with contacts and add more value to clients’ in-destination experiences.

Online Travel Consultant

As an Online Travel Consultant, you’ll be responsible for making all travel arrangements for clients, with all bookings and payments being made online. You will also maintain relationships with external agencies to help get the best possible deals.

Hotel Manager

As a Hotel Manager (also known as a Hotelier or Lodging Manager), you’ll be responsible for the functioning of a hotel, resort complex or any other lodging-related establishment. This could include managing staff, overseeing marketing activities, dealing with customer service and guest satisfaction, among many other duties.

Tour Operator

As a Tour Operator, you’ll be expected to compile packages and organise holiday tours for clients. Unlike Travel Consultants, you’ll focus on all the aspects once tourists have arrived at their destination.

Event and Conference Manager

As the number of professionals travelling for business purposes grows, Event and Conference Managers are also becoming more in-demand. You will be responsible for planning and coordinating the event, controlling expenses and budgets, as well as ensuring all event activities are on track. You will also need to supervise all meeting rooms to ensure they meet clients’ needs. You may also need to distribute any conference materials and update the event website.

Reservation Sales Agent

As a Reservation Sales Agent (also known as a Tour Desk Consultant) you’ll generally work for a tour operator making all travel arrangements for their clients. Daily tasks include dealing with visa application forms, booking flights, transfers and accommodation. You will also deal with all payments on behalf of customers.

Wholesale Travel Consultant

Instead of selling directly to customers, as a Wholesale Travel Consultant, you will supply to retail Travel Agents. You will need to create packages or tour programs that will appeal to a particular market sector. These packages are often at low prices as they generate significant volumes of sales, but you’ll need to promote and distribute them accordingly.

**Open Colleges does not currently offer any travel and tourism courses**

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