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Eat your way to a healthier life

by Elizabeth Harmon

We all know that we should be aiming to eat more healthily, whether it’s to improve our health, lose weight or live longer! But eating well is often easier said than done.

We live busy lives and tucking into a packet of crisps for lunch or ordering a takeaway after work can sometimes seem like the easy and more convenient option. A big bowl of chips can also seem far more appealing than a leafy salad too. But as a result of these choices, our health can suffer considerably.

There are so many tips we could share with you, but to get started, here are five simple tips you should follow to help eat your way to a much healthier life:

1. Go food shopping on a full stomach

You’ve written a food shopping list, got to the supermarket after a long day at work and end up putting a selection of unhealthy snacks in your trolley, even though they were not on your list. Does this sound like you? Avoid this routine by going shopping after you’ve eaten as you’re less likely to pick up extra items that you crave. If you still struggle, you could consider giving online shopping a try.

2. Buy raw ingredients

Instead of buying foods that are highly processed, which can include all kinds of colourings, additives, preservatives and flavourings, aim to buy raw products. A good tip is to buy foods based on the seasons, so they’re beautifully fresh and they may be more cost-effective too. They may take longer to prepare, but you’ll be rewarded in the taste and you can use the tip below to save time.

3. Plan meals in advance

Dont have time to cook delicious and healthy meals from scratch? Cooking a healthy meal doesn’t have to take hours. Instead of cooking enough for one meal, try cooking in larger batches instead. You’ll have leftovers for lunch the next day or even enough for another evening. If you have time at the weekend, consider cooking several meals at once and freeze them in individual portions. You then have your own ready meals, where you know exactly what has gone in them and it will be quick and simple to reheat them as and when you need.

4. Practice mindful eating

Are you guilty of watching TV when you’re eating? You won’t be savouring your food, plus, you could end up eating it quicker which means your body doesn’t have time to register as full, so you eat more. Aim to sit down at the table and really take the time to appreciate the food in front of you.

5. Enjoy healthy snacks

When you consider snacks, do you automatically think of crisps, biscuits, sweets and chocolate? Mix things up by introducing some healthy snacks into your routine. This could be fruit, nuts, seeds or even yogurt. Have these at home and take some with you to work each day too. This should help you stay away from the high calorie, sugary snacks that you’d normally find yourself reaching for.

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