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5 exciting career opportunities in Business Management

by Maria Onzain

Thinking of building a career in business management? Obtaining an online BSB50215 Diploma of Business with Open Colleges will help open many doors and is a great way to take the next step towards having a successful and profitable career.

You will develop your business skills to work in a variety of sectors such as finance, marketing, technology, and more. And you will work closely with professionals in the business sector to acquire the knowledge and expertise needed to access a wide variety of employment prospects.

But once you have a qualification in this area, what kinds of job roles are available for you? Check out these five exciting career opportunities that will help you think about where you can direct your professional career in the future:

1. Business Development Manager

As a business development manager, your goal will be to increase the company’s revenue and maximise its profits. To achieve this, you will be responsible for managing a team that works together to develop the business. This role includes identifying and landing new business opportunities as well as creating and maintaining long-term relationships with both prospects and clients.

To be a good business development manager, you should have excellent communication skills and be persuasive, in order to enable you to negotiate successfully with potential and existing clients. You’ll also have to be good at setting goals, managing projects and calculating costs.

2. Team Leader

As a team leader, you will be responsible for guiding a group of employees to complete a task or project. If you decide to become a team leader, your job will involve managing your team’s workflow and delegating tasks appropriately.

This role requires exceptional organisation and communication skills, as you will be accountable for implementing a timeline and making sure your team members work together effectively to reach the set goal.

3. Department Manager

Department managers are responsible for the proper functioning of the department where they work. As a department manager, you will implement strategies, oversee staff, as well as mentor and train the members of your department to be able to achieve the company’s evolving goals.

To access a department manager job, you should be a self-motivated person and a very hard worker. You will also need to have solid managerial skills and be able to communicate with others effectively.

4. E-Commerce Manager

The main objective of an e-commerce manager is to generate sales through the Internet. As an e-commerce manager, you will manage a team of web designers, developers and online marketers.

To do this job satisfactorily, you should have a good understanding of online marketing. You will also need to be knowledgeable around the various tools and sales strategies required to foster a thriving online business.

5. Project Consultant

Instead of working for an employer, you may want to work for yourself and become a project consultant. As a project consultant, your scope of work will be enormous, and you will be able to work across several sectors and industries.

Project consultants are specialists in a specific area of expertise and offer their services to clients. Although a consultant job will require some initial preparation work, in the long-term, it can be very satisfying and fulfilling.

If you feel you have the natural skills required to work in business management, consider studying the BSB50215 Diploma of Business with Open Colleges. You will graduate with a nationally recognised qualification and you will be supported by industry professionals with years of experience in the sector. Once you acquire the necessary skills, experience and connections, you will be able to work in the industries that interest you the most in this very diverse and exciting field.

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