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5 Leadership Tips To Help Drive Business Success

by Craig Boyle

Leadership about more than management. Great leaders in business exist at every level – from executives through to CEO. These leaders use their abilities to lead projects, teams and people and ultimately lead a business to success. No matter what stage you’re at in your career, learning leadership skills can help you drive business results.

With our Leadership and Collaboration Learning Library, you can study leadership skills in your own time. These skills, which you’ll learn through a combination of audio, video and eBook content, can teach you the fundamentals of good leadership and how to use them to drive business success. So whether you’re new to manager and want to feel more authoritative and confident, or you dream of a management role, here are some top tips to get you started.

Ask plenty of questions

Leadership isn’t about commanding people. Instead, great leaders ask questions constantly. Whether these questions are direct to their team or to their own bosses, leaders use questions as a way to build understanding and trust. If you never ask questions, you’ll never truly understand things. To be a great leader, you need to have a solid understanding of issues and only by asking questions can you ensure you have all bases covered.

Make preparation key

Preparation is key to success, and in business this motto holds doubly true. When you’re approaching a new project, the more preparation you can do, the better the project will be. Being a great leader means handling a lot of this preparation yourself, but you can also use the assets available in your team to help build a prepared and focused plan for new tasks/projects/clients.

Collaborate and win

Collaboration is arguably the most critical part of business success. If you can’t work together as a team, even in a two person business, you’ll never truly succeed. To become a better collaborator, you need to be open and honest about what you’re working on, what your aims are and how teams can interact with you. Incorporating some form of collaborative working tool such as Google Docs or a paid project management tool is another way to boost collaboration. Ultimately, the important thing is that you adopt a more collaboratively focused mindset and begin each new task by asking “How can I work together with my team to accomplish this?”

Embrace your leadership style

There are many different ‘types’ of leader. Forcing yourself into a box to fit what you’ve read in an article or in our learning library will never work – instead you need to understand what it is that makes you unique, and learn to use that to lead. For example, some leaders always lead from the front with a hands-on approach, while others are excellent strategists who can delegate to their team. It may take you a little while to work out what your leadership style is, but once you understand it and can communicate your expectations to your team, you’ll be driving better business results.

Be decisive

In business, leaders are the people who make the decisions – but a poor leader is apt to make poor decisions, or make them too slowly. Great leadership means you have the ability to make decisions when they’re needed, but you are also capable of pushing back on a decision in order to learn more information if you think it’s necessary. Decisiveness doesn’t mean just blindly making calls – it means weighing up all of the information and options and making a choice, which when done correctly, means your team will back you up.

Become a leader

If you’d like to develop leadership skills, whether you’re a new manager or you have management aspirations, study our Leadership & Collaboration Learning Library and build skills in your spare time.

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