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Open Colleges Learning Libraries Tips & Tricks

by Craig Boyle

Have you started studying with your Open Colleges Learning Libraries? Whether you’ve dived in on desktop, downloaded the mobile app, or you’re yet to get started, there are a number of tips and tricks that can help you get more from your studying. Here are some of the most important things to know to enable you to study anytime, anywhere….

No wi-fi? No problem: enable cellular playback & downloads

If you’re out of Wi-Fi range but you’d like to continue learning on the go, you’ll need to enable ‘view over cellular’ in the settings menu of the mobile app. While using Wi-Fi saves your data, there are plenty of occasions where you might want to study over your data connection. To set this up, head to the settings menu. Under ‘Data usage’ click the view over cellular option.

Want to download content to watch offline? Without a Wi-Fi connection, you have to tick the ‘download over cellular’ box to enable this.

How to adjust accessibility settings

  • Font size: Struggling to read your eBook content on desktop? You can adjust font size with the Aa symbol in the top right of your content window.
  • Screen size: Accessing an eBook on desktop? Hit the maximise window button to expand content to full screen.
  • Subtitles: All video content has the option to enable closed captions, which is done via the player itself. Simply hit ‘CC’ and you’ll see subtitles displayed on your content.

Use search to succeed

The search function allows you to search for authors, titles and even general subjects. Want to focus on project management? Type it into the search bar (or use voice search on mobile) to see results related to your query.

Remember to use resources!

During video courses, you can hit ‘Resources’ to see additional PDF information that will help you enhance your learnings. Materials include transcripts, glossaries and more.

Skipping back when you’ve missed content

Listening to an audiobook but zoned out and missed something important? You can skip back 30 seconds at a time with the playback controller. Just hit the button and you’ll be able to skip either back or forward, allowing you to catch up on content you’ve missed.

Resuming older content

Were you halfway through a book then got distracted by a video course? You can find the content you’ve already started in the ‘resume learning’ section of the dropdown menu. Find what you were studying and get straight back into it, or skip back to catch up.

Show some community spirit

If you ‘like’ content you’ve enjoyed, others may see it served on their homepage under ‘popular channels’. If you’re wondering what to study today, you can see what’s popular in the community and make your decision based on the most enjoyable content within your library.


Get started

If you want to study anytime, anywhere, you’ll need to subscribe to a Learning Library before you can use these tips and tricks.

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