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Introducing Open Colleges Learning Libraries

by Craig Boyle

Here at Open Colleges, we’re always trying to provide more for our students. Recently we realised that often, graduates wanted to continue studying without the same time commitment as a full course. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our new Learning Libraries

Whatever stage of life you’ve reached, learning never really ends. There’s always more knowledge to be gained, and new skills to add. Whether you’re a new graduate just entering the workplace, or a manager looking to solidify your skill set and feel more comfortable in your role, taking time to study outside of your day job is a way to guarantee you feel competent throughout your life.

Unfortunately, studying around your life can be isolating and boring. Learning alone, poring over books and getting zero feedback means most people lose interest fast. Worse still, courses can be expensive and narrow in scope.

Learn skills online

Introducing Learning Libraries by Open Colleges! These online libraries are a suite of comprehensive learning resources that provide a range of audiobooks, video courses and digital books that enable you to learn wherever you are, whenever you want.

Pay a one-time fee for 12 months of access to your chosen Learning Libraries, allowing you to study specific skills however it suits you. Just been promoted to management and want to become a better leader? Start listening to our Leadership and Collaboration Library on your way to work, with topics such as managing conflict, leading teams and more. Working in an IT team but want to take on new responsibilities? Delve into an IT and Developer Library to brush up on everything from programming to networking.

Study with our Learning Libraries

Whatever your interests are, you can study around your schedule with our learning library. Keep learning and stay ahead of your peers with a choice of the following libraries.

  • IT Certification Learning Library
  • Business Skills and Productivity Learning Library
  • IT, Programming and Developer Learning Library
  • Leadership and Collaboration Learning Library
  • Office 365 Learning Library
  • Organizational Effectiveness Learning Library
  • Professional Effectiveness Learning Library
  • Project Management Learning Library
  • Digital Transformation Learning Library

Why choose Learning Libraries?

  • Each of the above libraries are a comprehensive package of video courses, audio books and eBooks that allow you to study in your own time, at your own pace.
  • Enjoy a full year’s worth of access, which lets you learn whenever it suits you – whether that’s at a weekend or just on your commute into your current job.
  • There are no exams, no qualifications and no deadlines. Just login and learn whenever it’s convenient to you.
  • If you’re feeling out of your depth, or you’d just like to increase your confidence, study our skills collections today and continue your lifelong learning journey.

How it works

To get started, just visit our Learning Libraries page. Once you’re there, you’ll see each library available for purchase. Pay a one-time fee and unlock unlimited access to your chosen library for a duration of 12 months. To access libraries, you can log in to our online skills platform where you’ll find each topic and subject area listed for your perusal.

You can explore your library wherever you have Wi-Fi and study in your own time via smartphone, computer or tablet and can enjoy videos, audiobooks and digital books which allow you to learn your way.


Get started

With engaging, accessible learning that you can access whenever it’s convenient for you, studying new skills with Open Colleges is simple. Visit our Learning Libraries page today and start building the skills you need to succeed.

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