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How to use the Open Colleges Learning Libraries Mobile App

by Craig Boyle

Studying on your mobile device means the freedom to study wherever you are, whenever you want. Whether it’s through Audiobooks, Video Courses or eBooks, you can learn when it’s convenient for you. To get started, you’ll need to download and familiarise yourself with the Percipio learning app (our partner which powers the skills app) – where all your Open Colleges Learning Library content is hosted.

Installing the app

Just subscribed to our Learning Libraries? To enjoy learning on-the-go, you’ll need the Percipio mobile app, which is available on both Apple and Android devices.


For Apple iPhone Devices

1. Open your app store

2. Search for ‘Percipio’.

3. Tap ‘Get’ and then hit ‘Install’

4. If prompted, enter your Apple password to enable the download

5. Once downloaded, hit open to get started.

For Android Devices

1. Open the Play store

2. Search ‘Percipio’

3. Tap ‘install’

4. Click open once completed

Logging In & Getting started

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, getting started is simple. You’ll receive log-in details to the email address you signed up with and can use these to start learning. Here’s how:

    1. Open the app and enter our site name:
    2. Enter your username and password provided via email you received shortly after your order. (Please check your Junk folder if you do not see it in your Inbox).
    3. Hit log-in

That’s it, simple really. Once you’re in, you’ll see the home screen. From here, you can navigate through our learning content and filter to explore your content.

Navigating the home screen

1. Navigation menu: Tap to sign out or to access the Assignments, Popular Channels, My Playlist, Resume Learning, and Settings screens.

Note: In offline (Airplane) mode, Assignments, Popular Channels, and My Playlist are not available from the Nav menu.

2. Search: Tap to search your available content.

3. Content display filters: Tap to display all the asset types available for each strip,  to display only videos, to display only books,  to display only audiobooks, and to display content with the practice designation.












Note: Since Practice labs and TestPreps do not play in Pericipio Mobile, tapping this content type will prompt you to locate the item in Percipio for the web.

4. My Assignments:  (Not used by Open Colleges)

5. Resume Learning: A list of all content that you have started but not completed. If you have not started any content, this list does not display on your Home screen.

6. My Playlist: Content you added to your Playlist.

7. Interest-based content: A list of suggested content based on your selected areas of interest.

8. Popular Channels: A list of popular content within your organization.


Using Mobile offline

Worried about data? You can truly study skills whenever you want by downloading content to view offline. Not everything can be downloaded, but many things can – including books, book summaries, audiobooks, audio summaries and course videos.

To save content, just tap the three dots on each content card/summary page and click ‘make available offline’. Once a successful save occurs, you’ll see a small green icon in the top left.

Once downloaded, content can be viewed in normal online view but also in offline modes. When you set your mobile device to aeroplane mode, all offline content will appear on the home screen.

There’s also the offline content screen which is accessed through the settings menu. Just hit settings, then view next to offline content. Here you can also delete offline content once you’re done with it.

Using Voice

You can navigate your Learning Library using voice search, giving you hands-free access to enjoy Open Colleges content whatever you’re doing. All you have to do is allow microphone access when prompted, and then use the following commands to search:

  • Start with “Hey, Percipio”, which activates the search function.
  • From here say any of the following:
    • Search
    • Show
    • Find
    • Look for
    • Seek
    • Open
  • You can search for general terms such as leadership, or for specific pieces of content.
  • The voice search function can also prompt actions such as play, resume, continue and reopen.
  • Exact match search results will play automatically. Non-exact matches will instead display relative results you can choose from.

Understanding settings

Using the settings menu, you can change different parts of the app to best suit your needs. Language preferences allow you to switch languages. You can also decide whether to allow the app to load and download content over cellular data or limit activity to just wi-fi if you don’t have a good mobile data package.

You can also use the settings menu to view basic information such as the app version, view offline content and clear all offline content.

Staying up to date

Keep the app up to date to ensure the best learning experience. Many features will stop working entirely if the app becomes outdated. Fortunately, it’s easy to update. You can either enable automatic updates for the app on your device through the Play Store or App Store, or hit ‘update’ whenever an update banner appears in the app itself.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be skilling up on the go in no time. If you’re considering learning through an Open Colleges Learning Library, the mobile app will transform your experience and make studying simpler than ever. Get started today.

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