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5 Business Administration tips to kick-start your career

by Craig Boyle

Business administrators are responsible for a wide range of tasks in an office. As such, they’re expected to have a good range of skills and the ability to adapt to new tasks. If you’re considering a career in business, becoming an administrator is a good way to get your foot in the door and to learn the full range of business skills needed to really get ahead.

Would you like to enter a bright career working in an office? Whether you’re already working in a business role and looking to take a step up, or you’d like to start your career with the best possible skill set, we’ve compiled some great pieces of advice that will help you improve your productivity and efficiency and help stand out from your colleagues.

Adopt the cloud

Cloud-based systems are, by now, a standard of most modern businesses. However, you can use the cloud in a personal capacity to improve your own productivity. Create shareable documents that can be collaborated on by your team, save items safely online – where you control access to those who need it, and improve visibility across your entire team. If you’re not using cloud systems, you’re missing out.

Adopting the cloud also means additional security – without the need to repeatedly back up important documents. If a secure cloud-based platform houses important documents, you can enjoy peace of mind and never lose a file again.

Prioritise scheduling and job tracking

One of the fastest ways to fall behind at work is poor personal organisation. If you can’t manage your tasks, you can end up struggling to keep up with the demand. To innovate from within, why not adopt your own job-tracking and scheduling system? Whether you use a simple online (cloud-based) spreadsheet to enter jobs and tick them off, or you use a project management tool, you can ensure you retain control over tasks and immediately make an impact that will get you noticed by your employers.

Rid yourself of distractions

From social media through to pointless tasks, every worker faces challenges that can drain their productivity. Ideally, you would take steps to rid yourself completely of these distractions such as:

  • Placing your phone in a drawer so it’s out of sight
  • Using a productivity app to free yourself of distraction
  • Organising time into ‘chunks’ where you can focus entirely on a task for 30 minutes before allowing yourself 5 minutes of distraction
  • When time is critical, you can even log out of emails and focus solely on work

Split draining tasks into daily slots

Let’s face it, data-entry can be mind-numbingly boring. if a task doesn’t stimulate you, it makes it extremely hard to concentrate when performing it. Unfortunately, regardless of how stimulating they are, some tasks just need to be done. For tasks such as data-entry, you’re better off assigning a portion of your day each day. For example, setting 30 minutes at 9.30am each morning to get through data-entry is more efficient than trying to rush it all in one day which can lead to getting distracted, making mistakes etc.

Be a contributor

Too many business admins simply perform their jobs and go home, without ever actively having a say in the business. To stand out, start sharing your insights and good ideas with your team and your boss. For example, you could:

  • Suggest ways to improve administrative processes
  • Raise and try to tackle any issues or problems that may impact the business, which you might have spotted during data-entry or more generally in your role.
  • Spot and implement solutions to admin-based problems. Think of areas where good admin can improve processes, such as in project management or a during client issues.

Business administration roles are often the first step on the ladder for future business leaders. It’s an opportunity to learn more about business as a whole, whilst doing your best to stand out. By following these tips and using the skills gained from a Dual Certificate: BSB40515 Certificate IV in Business Administration and BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management, you can leverage a business admin role to quickly climb the ladder towards a senior career in the business world.

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