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How a little confidence can change your life

by Craig Boyle

Deciding to start studying online can be daunting. Which course do you choose? Which provider is best? Will it be worth it? These thoughts are completely normal, you’re not alone in your hesitation. Sometimes,  all it takes is a little bit of motivation to give you that push towards achieving your dreams.  

Where better to find motivation than in the fantastic success of our students, who all shared similar worries when starting out? Each of our students had their own reservations and challenges that prevented them from studying for their dream careers. But all of them found their confidence, seized the opportunity and found their awesome with Open Colleges.  Here are some great examples of how having a little confidence goes a long way…

Monique – The confidence to study around her children

Monique is a mother to four children, which made her feel as though the freedom to study was perhaps behind her. However, her passion for children and a desire to prove herself led to her discovering Open Colleges.

By deciding to study to become a Teacher’s Aide online, Monique found that she could study whilst still spending time with her family. Monique, like many others, felt like she needed to accomplish something for herself – proving to herself and to her family that she could achieve her goals.

Monique had her share of worries, including that she might be unable to continue to care for her kids in addition to studying. Her husband was also hesitant that online studying meant she’d be locked away in a room all the time.

Fortunately, studying online doesn’t mean any of that. It means a flexible, engaging learning experience that allows you to gain new skills around your lifestyle. Whether you’re in a busy job or have a family of your own – a little confidence to take the leap just like Monique could see you achieving your goals in no time.

Be inspired by this video showcasing Monique’s story.

Nigel – the confidence to overcome past difficulties

In his younger years, Nigel wasn’t a confident learner. He struggled in school and wasn’t given the assistance he needed. As a result, he didn’t have the confidence to enter higher education. Nigel wanted to make sure other children wouldn’t have the same negative experiences, so he decided to become an educator and help transform young people’s lives.

Studying online allowed Nigel to study around his own life and his own routine. He was able to study a CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support, which allows him to work with children who need help in building numeracy, literacy and oral skills.

By having the courage to begin studying online, Nigel was able to get himself certified despite his troubles in school. His decision meant he could rebuild confidence around studying and begin making a real difference in children’s lives. If you’re putting off studying because you’ve had negative experiences in the past, let Nigel’s story inspire you. As well as the ease and accessibility of our online platform, we also provide support to all of our students – so you’ll never be left to struggle. You’ve got this!

Overcome hurdles and gain confidence by watching Nigel’s story.

Bonnie – the confidence to change lives

Sometimes, confidence means taking big leaps of faith. Bonnie began studying counselling with Open Colleges due to the grief she’d encountered at a young age. This same grief was also transformative, forcing Bonnie to ask herself the big question: “Who do you want to be?’

For many people, the answer to this question can be scary. Realising exactly who you want to be often means changing everything and abandoning certain ways of doing things. This makes it very difficult to act on. Bonnie took the chance, realising that she wanted to use her experience with grief to help others. She studied a CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling with Open Colleges, giving her the skills she needed to begin a career as a counsellor. As part of the course, she also completed a two-week placement in Fiji, where her help left a lasting impact on the community.

Bonnie found her confidence and used it to change her own life and that of her patients. She’s now in a role where she feels truly happy. So, whether you’re afraid to change your own life, or you’d like a role that directly helps others, find your confidence to change lives with Bonnie’s story.

See how Bonnie’s confidence changed her own life and that of others…

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