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4 reasons to study and support mental health in 2019

by Craig Boyle

Mental health issues affect millions of Australians from all walks of life. As our country struggles to meet the demands of patients, the need for more qualified mental health professionals is apparent. Here’s why 2019 is the perfect time to study a CHC43315 Cert IV in Mental Health

Mental health issues are widespread on a global scale. Here in Australia, almost half of our entire adult population (45%) will experience mental health disorders in their lifetime. Of these disorders, anxiety is the most prevalent. Many of these people suffer largely in silence and are therefore afraid to seek support. That’s why improving mental health qualifications and increasing the availability of support workers is more important than ever. And better still, you can help directly by becoming a mental health professional!

Looking towards future

Here are 4 great reasons you should consider studying a CHC43315 Cert IV in mental health in 2019…

Mental health issues are extremely widespread

Mental health disorders are very common – with 45% of the population experiencing a disorder in their lifetime. Furthermore, 1 in 5 people have experienced a common mental health disorder in the last 12 months. The widespread prevalence of mental health disorders showcases the need for more healthcare professional.

Here’s where you can step in! By studying mental health, you’ll be training towards a career that will have a lasting impact on a high amount of people.

Government investment is rising

Year on year, the government is doing more to help support mental health. In 1992-93, only $2.3 billion was spent on mental health-related care. By 2015-16, this figure had increased to $9 billion. In the 2016-17 period, 420,000 people received state/territory community mental health care.

However, waiting lists for care can still be too long for some, which consequently makes the recruitment of new workers more important than ever.

As state and territory investment continues to rise, 2019 is the perfect time for you to enter a career in mental health.

Beat the leading disease burdens in Australia

Being a mental health worker means you’ll provide critical support for sufferers, which can be the difference between recovery or their condition worsening. The top disease burdens in Australia for women aged between 15-44 are anxiety disorders. For men aged between 15-44, suicide and self-inflicted injuries are the top burdens. As a mental health worker, you’ll be supporting people with these conditions and helping reduce preventable death in Australia. Your work can quite literally save lives.

A truly fulfilling career

Ultimately, a career in mental health is one that involves immense emotional rewards. It’s a challenging field, but that very reason it will enable you to make a real difference in people’s lives. If you want to make a big change to your life in 2019, there are few better ways to do so than by studying a CHC43315 Cert IV in Mental Health and beginning a rewarding career in mental health.


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