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Tao’s career in nursing – from daydream to reality

by Amanda Collins

Two years ago Tao, was working in a cafe, brewing lattes, joking with customers, clearing tables and dreaming of something different.

She knew that she wanted to work with people, but Tao just didn’t want to be in hospitality any longer. In fact, for many years she had harboured a wish to work with kids. She also wanted something that would challenge her, a job that she could take across the world, and a career that would never get boring.

It was during one of her shifts that she got chatting to a co-worker about the future. Somewhere in the conversation, the nursing college across the street from their cafe came up. They decided to use their lunch break to check it out.

From daydream to real life career change

Cut to present day, and there is no more daydreaming. Instead, Tao is living the life she used to imagine during her busy shifts. She is a fully-qualified Nurse who splits her time between caring for patients as a Nurse at Ll, and university where she is completing her Bachelor of Nursing.

In just two years, a whole life can change.

“I had always worked in hospitality and customer service and I always had fun in all my jobs because of the people I met and the fast-paced environment. But I needed a change and I wanted a career,” she said.

“I really wanted to challenge myself and see how I went with something unfamiliar to me. I also always wanted to be involved with the Starlight Foundation or Make a Wish so I figured, why not work with sick kids every day and become a Nurse,” she added.

A challenge worth working for

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for Tao. In fact, when she first started study she was very nervous and felt out of her depth.

“I remember thinking at the start ‘wow, I literally know nothing about nursing,” she said.

But this was her dream, and Tao wasn’t about to let fear stop her from trying.

“By the end of it the course, it was so awesome to see how far I had come. Especially when you consider I had no background knowledge whatsoever,” she added.

Designed to take students from complete novice through to qualified Nurse, the Diploma of Nursing was perfect for Tao, who had no experience in the medical or care fields.

Unforgettable support

Diving into her studies with a passion, Tao relished the different teaching styles, and the support she received from her tutors.

“The tutors were almost my favourite thing about the course,” she said. “They were all so supportive and had their own different quirks and ways of teaching that made information really sink in. I don’t think I’ll ever forget them,” she added.

Not long after she graduated, Tao managed to get a job working at a hospital where she did one of her work placements.

“I began on the casual pool where I was for about a month, and then I was offered a contract on the general medical ward – where I am now,” she said.

A future in nursing

Tao is now finally living her dream of helping people and enjoying the challenges each day presents. She is eager to get nursing experience across all areas of hospital care. Eventually she hopes to specialise in paediatrics.

career in paediatric nursing

She also used her Diploma study to launch into a Bachelor of Nursing, and is currently busy completing her first year of university study.

“I would still like to one day get into paediatric nursing, but at this point in my career I am open to anything and everything. I just want to gain as much experience as I can. I’m going to keep working and studying and see where I end up. It’s all very exciting,” she said.

Start a life-changing career

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