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Becoming a Nurse: Career changer Linden finally finds his calling

by Amanda Collins

Linden is a man of many talents. Past career incarnations have seen him swelter in the heat and dust as a Jackaroo on a cattle ranch, battle giant waves and salt winds as a Deck Hand on commercial fishing boats and wield flame to metal as a Boilermaker. It was two years ago, however, while working as an Orderly and Cleaner in a hospital, that he discovered his true passion: nursing. It was then that his journey towards becoming an Enrolled Nurse began.

“I have worked in many jobs but helping people has always given me great satisfaction professionally and in my personal life,” he said.

becoming an enrolled nurse

Getting started

Not long after the seed had been planted in his mind, Linden began to investigate different pathways into nursing and discovered the Diploma of Nursing with Open Colleges School of Health.

After making initial enquiries and deciding to turn his dream career into his real life job, Linden began an 18-month study journey which would lead him on a life-changing course.

In his mid 40s and not having studied in years, he was a bit nervous about the course, and during his first few weeks he admitted to being challenged by the learning.

Determined to succeed, Linden sought the help of his Trainers to clarify questions, help him understand lessons and to steer him in the right direction.

It worked, and soon Linden was thriving in the learning environment soaking up all things nursing.

“The course was challenging but highly rewarding,” he said, adding, “It’s hard to pick a favourite moment. The entire experience was one of the most memorable of my life.

“I miss it actually, as do many of my fellow students. Most of us still stay in touch.

“But if I had to pick, I’d say that the practical, hands-on learning (lab time, clinical skills assessments and clinical placements) was my favourite part of the course as I am a practical person,” he added.

becoming an enrolled nurse career changer

The teaching experience

Trainers can have such a huge impact on their students. A good educator can make all the difference, and one that is patient, caring and supportive: well that’s just the cherry on the top.

Linden sung high praise for his Trainers, saying that even now he keeps in touch with them.

“They were always willing to help, wherever possible,” he said.

“To this day, I still stay in touch with them for career support, to update them on what I’m doing, and sometimes just to say hello.

“What the educators offer is a very unique learning journey. They are highly supportive with a genuine passion for teaching and passing on their knowledge. I cannot speak highly enough of them all,” he added.

The joy of placements

Placements helped Linden to put his learning into practice, and get a feel for the job in real-world settings.

During his study, Linden had lots of placement opportunities, with some including aged care, community nursing and acute care on surgical wards.

His favourite placement, however, was in the gastrointestinal and liver transplant unit placement.

“I enjoyed caring for patients with higher acuity levels/needs. The staff were highly trained, experienced and very supportive. It was a fantastic learning opportunity,” he said.

becoming an enrolled nurse online

Graduation and beyond

Linden graduated as a fully qualified Enrolled Nurse last year. Not long after his graduation he gained his first job at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Adelaide.

Now living his dream career as a Nurse, Linden describes his job as “really interesting work that lets me help people that need it the most”.

As for the future, Linden has big plans! He wants to continue to expand his practice and get experience in all areas of nursing before he moves into a specialisation.

“Once I find my niche I will further my studies to an EN Advanced Diploma and specialise in my chosen field,” he said.

This course has changed my life and now I have the skills to follow my passion,” he added.

Start a life-changing career

If you’re looking for a career that could change your life, and the lives of others, enrolling in the Diploma of Nursing with Open Colleges School of Health. This engaging course will give you the skills to become an Enrolled Nurse and start your medical career. Find out more now.

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