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Monique’s huge surprise

by Sarah MacDiarmid

After raising four kids, Monique knew it was time to do something for herself.

There’s no denying family life can be hectic, but when Monique started studying online to become a Teachers’ Aide, her friends and family rallied round to help out. It even brought them closer together.

Monique not only got the skills to get back into the workforce, she proved to herself she “still had a brain in there” and could still be a great mum while doing something for herself.

She wants to be an inspirational role model for her kids and for them to see her as a strong person who can do anything she puts her mind to.

Find out more about why Monique chose to study online in the video below.

She works as a Teachers’ Aide in a school for children with disabilities. Her friends and family were so proud, they decided to surprise her with a backyard graduation party and tell her just how happy they are for her.

See the surprise for yourself…

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