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Workplace projects explained

by Amanda Collins

Workplace projects are tasks that you have to complete in a real work environment. The type of tasks you will be asked to do will depend on the course that you are enrolled in.

For example, if you are studying an automotive certificate, you will have to participate in a basic car service at your local mechanic’s workshop.

Workplace projects are specifically designed to help you get the most out of your studies. Each task will take your skillset to the next level, and will help you to develop a broad range of expertise in your chosen field.

Workplace Project and Structured Work Placement: what’s the difference?

Workplace projects and Structured Work Placements are not the same thing.

Each workplace project you are given is a single task. Once you satisfactorily complete the task, that workplace project is finished.

You may be required to complete a few different workplace projects throughout your course. These can be completed at different times and at a range of workplaces, or at the same one.

On the other hand, a Structured Work Placement involves a set number of hours that you need to complete at a single workplace.

During your placement you will learn on the job, and will demonstrate your competence in a number workplace skills.

Still curious about workplace projects?

To help you get a better understanding of workplace projects, below you’ll find answers to a number of the most common questions.

Why does my course have workplace projects?

Workplace projects are designed to make sure you become an expert in your field. If your course includes a workplace project, it means that some of the skills you need to master can only be perfected “on the job”.

You will learn the theory during your online study, and then be able to put that theory into practice and master your skills in an actual workplace setting.

Workplace projects will not only broaden your skillset, but will provide you with valuable hands-on experience so you are job-ready when you graduate.

Where can I work?

You can choose to do your workplace projects in any relevant registered business, as long as it meets the required criteria set out in your course (for example, the workplace may need to have specific tools for you to use).

You may also work in a friend or family members’ business, as long as it meets the set criteria.

How do I find a place to work?

Start by looking at businesses in your local area. When you find a suitable workplace, phone or drop in and ask them if they are willing to take you on for your workplace projects.

You may also like to try asking friends or family members who work in the industry, if it is possible for you to complete a workplace projects at their work.

Once you have a willing workplace, you will need to download the Workplace Project Approval form from OpenSpace, fill it out and submit it to your Program Manager for review.

This review process ensures that the business is a good fit for the projects and meets all requirements.

What happens once you start each project?

You will have a suggested amount of time to complete each project under the watch of your workplace mentor.

During this time your mentor will complete a simple checklist to confirm specific tasks in the project were completed to industry standard.

How many hours does a workplace project take?

You will be given a suggested time period in which you can complete your workplace project. This is not a fixed schedule, so you can take as long as you need to successfully complete the task.

This means that if you have a bit of experience, or you are very confident, you can progress through the projects at a faster pace. Alternatively, if you’re new to the industry, you can take more time to complete the task.

When can I start my workplace project?

There is no set start date for your workplace projects to begin. You can start them whenever you feel confident and ready, as long as you have completed the Being Safe module and online assessments.

How is my workplace project assessed?

Your workplace mentor will be asked to complete a checklist which will need to be submitted to your Course Assessor.

You will also be asked to submit assignments to your Assessor which may include video diaries, photos, job cards and individual tasks.

What if I can’t find somewhere to do my workplace project?

If you are struggling to find somewhere to complete your projects, Open Colleges has a dedicated support team on hand to offer you help to secure a suitable workplace.

Your Trainers, Assessors and Program Managers will also be able to offer you plenty of advice and guidance.

Need more help?

So there you have it, your insiders guide to workplace projects. If you still have questions, you can contact Open Colleges’ friendly student support staff on 1300 853 033 or message your Trainer via OpenSpace.

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