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2016 Photograph of the Year Awards

by Sarah MacDiarmid

It’s time to announce the winners of the 2016 Open Colleges Photograph of the Year Awards!

Every year, the Trainers and Assessors of the Photography Program choose their favourite images that were submitted by students as part of assignments throughout the year.

As always, the winning images were chosen by the judges as they best represented the performance and artistic excellence of the students.

“This year we have seen our students extend their creative and technical reach to produce images that are crisp, colourful and emotionally engaging for the audience. I am blessed in my role to see such a diverse range of images from all over Australia and now the world as we extend out into South East Asia and the Middle East.” said Program Manager, Antony Cirocco.

“I am lucky that I get to see photography from so many students and every day I come to work wondering where the visual journey will take me,” Cirocco added.

2016 Photograph of the Year

*Winner*: Rebecca Lowe

Judge: Antony Cirocco, Open Colleges’ Program Manager Photography

“This image shows that the photographer has the potential to be a great lifestyle or travel photographer. It features a compositional flair and a great pose.” said Cirocco.

*First Runner Up*: Gordon Lowry

Judge: Melissa Neumann, Open Colleges’ Trainer for Certificate in Digital Photography

“As a travel image, this is one of those very iconic style of images that make you feel that you could be sitting right in that image.” Melissa said.

“The light in this image is perfect, the reflection grounds the silhouette and adds great balance. This image was submitted as a level 1 image and is something that you would expect from a professional. The leading lines work well and the rule of thirds is also used. I can easily imagine this image being in the centre of a commercial campaign for this tourist activity.”

*Second Runner Up*: Tayla Stingle

Judge: Patricia Casey, Open Colleges’ Assessor for Certificate IV in Photography and Photoimaging

“I have nominated this nightscape image by Tayla Stingle for a number of reasons. It shows quite a bit of technical expertise as it has been shot using a very slow shutter speed over a long period of time. This can be a difficult thing to do as well as Tayla has. The reflections of the star trails in the water, the silhouettes of the landscape, and the gentle tones of the sky have been captured beautifully.” Patricia explained.

“This is an image that evokes the passing of time and the beauty of nature. A wonderful image by a talented young photographer,” she added.

*Third Runner Up*: Pete Gardner

Judge: Leah Jeanes, Open Colleges’ Trainer in Certificate in Digital Photography

“I selected this image for a few reasons. The lighting has been well handled, the student has utilised the available light in a way that works with and increases the power of the pose, the strength in the way the lyric is being sung. The use of black and white has taken the noise of the high ISO and turned into a grit that enhances the communication, a strong choice by Pete. The timing in the capture is well chosen, a moment later and the expression would not work here. The combined result is a striking image that holds the viewer’s attention.”

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