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Get your first job in building and construction with these online courses

by Sarah MacDiarmid

Having a trade can offer a whole load of varied, and often profitable, career opportunities.

So if you’re weighing up your options before you commit to a career path, find out more about the building and construction industry as well as where the Building and Construction courses could take you.

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Skills for success

Open Colleges Building and Construction Trainer, Jeffrey Halpin, says the key skills to succeeding in the building and construction industry are:

  • having an analytical mind
  • good mathematic and communication skills
  • an eye for detail

The best things about working in the building and construction industry are seeing a completed project that you have been involved in and knowing that a client that has received the project they have envisaged,” Jeffery says.

Is getting a qualification in building and construction worth it?

A lot of people will say that you don’t have to have a qualification to start work in the construction industry. And if you want to stay at Handyman level, this is correct. However, Program Manager Chris Veness says “gaining a qualification will officially vouch for your knowledge and skills and will guarantee you job opportunities”.

Chris also notes that “the major benefit of becoming qualified and then going onto becoming a Licensed Builder, is that it will give credibility to your business and heavily increase the potential for further growth.

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Benefits of completing an entry level qualification

The courses are a pathway to gaining an apprenticeship. They will give you the basic skills you need to start working on a building site, and the Certificate II in Construction Pathways can help you decide if you want to specialise in a particular trade, like carpentry or joinery.

Starting with one of these entry level courses will give a strong foundation on which to start your career or move on to further study. This could lead to you owning your own business or taking on a senior role on a construction site.

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Just left school? Give building and construction a chance

If you’re thinking of pursing a role in the B&C industry after you leave school, gaining an entry level qualification and moving onto an apprenticeship is the perfect place to start.

“This industry is hugely versatile, with a long list of opportunities,” says Program Manager Chris Veness. “An Open Colleges course will help you gain the best exposure and learn the fundamentals needed in the industry.

Also, the government has predicted significant growth in this industry for the next 10 years”, meaning skilled construction workers will be in high demand. So there’s no better time to get qualified and kick start your career.

More about our construction courses

  • Your expert Trainers

Here at Open Colleges, all of our courses are designed and delivered by industry experts. Find out more about who you’ll learn from…

Chris Veness, Trades Program Manager building and construction online courses program manager

For over a decade, Chris has been training industry professionals and interior design students at both University and TAFE levels, as well as working in the design industry and running his own design and 3D practice. As a practising building designer and interior designer, Chris delivers the very highest quality standards to his clients.

Jeffrey Halpin, Trainer and Assessor building and construction online courses trainer

Jeffrey has been working in the construction industry for 39 years. He has a wealth of knowledge in a number of disciplines in the industry and enjoys imparting these skills and knowledge to the students. “I always had an interest in using my hands and construction was the logical choice for me to use those skills. When I was first starting out, I completed and apprenticeship under a Licenced Builder.”

  • Learn real life skills

Both of these construction courses are centred around simulated construction projects. This means you’ll learn using real life examples from an actual building site. You’ll also be assessed to ensure you have mastered the skills that are required by real employers. For example, you’ll learn processes for using equipment and tools correctly.

  • Get help with the practical stuff

As part of our building and construction courses you are given access to TradeHub.

“TradeHub is a brilliant tool for those who could use an extra helping hand when working on assessments. It offers step-by-step instructions and tricks to help you succeed in your studies,” says Program Manager Chris Veness.

Tradehub clearly explains key concepts that you will need to understand to work in construction. It can help you work out area, volume, percentages, fractions, ratios, instructions, manuals and safety documents.

So whether you’re just starting out or thinking of changing careers, a qualification in construction can lead to a versatile, outdoor career that offers so much more than a standard 9 to 5 role.

Ready to get started?

Take a closer look at Open Colleges building and construction courses and find out which one could get you on your way to a rewarding, lifelong career.

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