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What I learned on my internship at Open Colleges

by Rhiannon Feast

Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing student Rhiannon Feast recently joined us in the Open Colleges Marketing department to gain some practical writing experience. She won the internship by entering a competition set up by her Writing Program Manager. Here, she shares what she learnt and why interning is something every student should give a go.

When I received the brief for the competition, I knew that this was too great an opportunity to let slip. A 3-day internship at Open Colleges was bound to be a valuable experience, both personally and professionally.

The question I had to answer was, ‘How has studying with Open Colleges changed your life?’ and I chose to communicate the way that studying Certificate IV in Professional Writing and Editing had changed my frame of mind, and put some anxieties at ease. I have always loved reading and writing, and when considering career goals in July this year, a course in writing and editing seemed like a step in the right direction. If you’re interested, you can read my entry to the competition here.

Leading up to my internship, I was filled with feelings of excitement and pride. I was looking forward to a change of work environment, in an industry that I love. Already, I was so proud of myself for putting my writing out there, and getting rewarded for it.


Rhiannon working hard at the Open Colleges offices!

My internship was packed with unique experiences, talented people, valuable advice and life lessons. Here are three of the main lessons I learnt

Always keep an open mind, your plans might change!

Beginning my course, I was set on a career in publishing. This is still my goal, but by speaking to some writers, I realised there are alternative avenues to take. I had never considered other areas of writing. After experiencing what writing for digital media and marketing involves, I now know that it is an interesting, diverse area of writing, and is something I can see myself exploring further.

The value of insider knowledge

Who is better to teach writing skills than a writer? One of my favourite things about interning was the group of people that shared their knowledge. Everything from practical writing advice, to how to make sure your blog gets more views. It is one thing to learn the content of our courses, but to get tips and tricks that will further your career is invaluable.

The people at Open Colleges are real!

This might sound ridiculous, but prior to arriving at the Sydney office, I could not picture what type of environment Open Colleges was going to be. Considering that while studying, you don’t actually interact with people, I wasn’t sure if anyone really worked here. Trust me, they do! It was the most relieving and supportive feeling I got on arrival when I saw that Open Colleges has multiple levels of talented, dedicated employees, all working towards making your course the best it can be.

colleagues at internship

Rhiannon with a few of her colleagues from Open Colleges

By Friday afternoon, I didn’t want to leave. It is such an incredible feeling when you find something that you are meant to be doing. For so long I have been working in jobs that I don’t have a passion for, so it was such a refreshing change to really love the work I was doing. On the way home, I was buzzing. It’s amazing to be excited for your own future. I felt reassured that I am on the right track, working towards the career I want.

Looking back now, I certainly recommend an internship to everyone, not just writing students. The industry knowledge, guidance and experience to be gained is something that I will value forever. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity, and can only hope that my fellow students can get to experience something similar.

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