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Why mature age students excel in their studies

by Amanda Collins

There are a number of interesting reasons why mature age students excel in their studies. But first, let’s look at what constitutes a “mature age student”. Depending on where you study, the definition varies.

For some institutions, it refers to people that have had a year break from school before returning to study, and for others it is anyone over the age of 23.

This casts a wide net and means that people are classed “mature age” if they simply took a gap year after high-school, or if they haven’t studied in 5, 10, 15, 20, 40+ years.

Despite the wide age range of people that fall into this category, there are some amazing similarities between most mature age students. It’s these similarities that reveal the key to why mature students generally excel in their studies.

So, if you considering study as a mature age student, or if you are already studying, read on for the top 6 reasons you will succeed!

Why mature age students excel at study

Broader view of the world

You have a broader view of the world. You have life experience under your belt. This rich tapestry of experience informs your studies and helps to deepen understanding. It also brings new perspectives to a subject.

Whether you’ve been travelling, working or raising a family, the chances are, you have actually learned a lot in your life, even if you’re not actively aware of it.  This broad knowledge base will also help you to put context to your learning.

Mature students and study

 Know what you want, and why you want it

If you’re entering study as a mature age student the chances are that you have a very specific goal in mind. You are probably finally pursuing your passion, you want to change careers or you want to get that promotion that you’ve been dreaming of.

This makes you driven and motivated, both excellent qualities in a student which often mean that you will reach your goal of graduation and also produce high quality work.

Benefits of being a mature age student

Ready to learn

Let’s face it, at this stage it’s less likely that you are becoming a student for the social life. You’re not really there to meet up and party.

You have a goal, and you are driven to achieve it. This means that you will in all likelihood spend less time on a couch nursing your head after a big night, and more time learning and moving forward.

Studying as a mature age student

Not intimidated

You have lived and faced a few challenges in your life. As a mature age student you are less likely to be rocked or floored by a challenge. You have faced them before, and you will again. You take challenge in your stride and work your way through it.

Reasons to study as a mature age student


You have made the decision to study on your own, it is something for you. You are not being pushed into it by your parents, or anyone else. As a result you are going to dive right in. Not resentfully glare over a table when you’re told to “do your homework”. Instead, you are the one with a ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the door as you eagerly make your way through your coursework.

Top reason why mature age students excel at study

You know when to ask for help

You’ve got some experience behind you, and you have a greater sense of yourself than you did when you were younger. This means that when you need something, you are more likely to ask for it – like help. If you struggle with your studies, or you have a question, you will reach out to your Trainers and Assessors. This means that you’ll get the answers you need, and you will learn and grow.

Mature age students excel at study

Entering study as a mature age student has a whole host of advantages. There’s no reason to fear learning, you can do it!

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