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10 reasons to start a career in digital design

by Amanda Collins

Do you love design? Ever wanted to be an artist? Or are you a person who is both creative and able to navigate computers and technology?

If the answer to any of these questions was yes, then a career in digital design may be the ideal way to spread your creative wings, exercise your mind, and gain a steady pay cheque all at the same time!

Why you should start a career in digital design

What is digital design?

A digital designer is a creative who combines their graphic design skills with imagination, vision and technological savvy to produce a large range of visual media, from websites, to advertising, digital imaging, animation, 2D and 3D modelling, and graphics.

Basically a digital designer is responsible for how something looks on a computer, mobile phone, or in video.

Curious about what a digital design career could offer you? Read on for the top ten reasons you may want to pursue a career in this area.

1. A broad skill set

Working as a digital designer lets you spread your wings across a number of creative endeavours and keeps your brain engaged and active!

To this end, a digital designer boasts a broad skill set across a number of platforms, including: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Dreamweaver. When you work in digital design you combine photography, videography, animation and graphic design skills together to transform ideas and concepts into reality.

digital design career2. You’re not limited to one ‘type’ of work

Armed with this broad design skill set, digital designers can choose from a huge number of jobs in the digital design industry.

Just some digital design roles include:

  • Web Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Photo Editor
  • Concept Artist
  • Digital Developer
  • Special Effects Artist
  • 2D and 3D Animation Designer
  • Website User Experience Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Video Game Designer
  • Advertising and Marketing Designer
  • Video Production Executive

If you get bored or outgrow a role, you can always switch positions to another design avenue you’d like to explore.

How to start a digital design career3. Find fun work pals

Working in the digital design industry you will meet a diverse range of creatives and clients. From casual eccentrics to tech lovers and creative geniuses, your workplace will be entertaining and inspiring! Plus you may just make some lifelong friendships!

Tips to start a digital design career4. Work for yourself or for someone else, or both!

A digital designer has the freedom to go freelance, or to work specifically for a company or a client.

Because practically every company and agency needs digital design to compete and get attention in the digital age, digital designers also enjoy a great amount of freedom when it comes to what type of company they want to work for: whether that be a small boutique agency, a start-up, a big multinational, a government department or an iconic brand!

Freelance digital design5. Plenty of opportunities for career advancement

With demand high, and job avenues plentiful, digital designers have lots of opportunity for career advancement.

Roles range from junior positions, through to senior level, management and head of department roles, so digital designers have plenty of scope to move up and along the chain of command during the course of their career.

Digital design career6. Combine creativity with technology

A perfect blend of creativity and technology, the role of a digital designer uses both the technical mind and the creative spirit.

Working as a digital designer, you will take ideas from concept, to technical creation and creative trouble shooting. This way designers get to feed their imagination while also keeping their mind sharp and exercised.

Start a career in digital design7. Convert ideas into real things

Digital designers get to create what they dream up. Imagine turning your concepts and ideas into actual workable websites, computer games, logos, graphics and animations!

Top design jobs8. Steady employment in growing field

As the world moves more online, the field of digital design expands and job opportunities open up. In fact, over the last five years, demand for digital designers has grown a whopping 17%.

How to get into digital design9. Set the standards for design

As a digital designer you sit at the very vanguard of design – creating the visual worlds that influence current aesthetics and trends. You and your work contribute to the ebbs and flows of modern style movements. Now that’s pretty amazing!

Reasons to become a digital designer10. Collaborate

If you love people and are interested in collaboration, then digital design is an area you may want to explore.

A large part of what a digital designer does is to collaborate on concepts and ideas. You get to talk, debate and create and interpret with other creatives and clients, turning a concept or an idea into a concrete work.

Top reasons to become a digital designer

Start a career in digital design

So if you love being creative, working with interesting people and ideas, and have a knack for technology, then a career as a Digital Designer could be perfect for you!

Interested in a digital design career?

Open Colleges has a number of design courses which could open the doors to a digital design career. Study online in your own time, and at your own pace and get the qualifications you need to take the next step in your career.

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  1. Bren Murphy says:

    I started working as a digital designer and it has opened many opportunities for me – helping me be independent in business as well as with marketing and of course design. I recommend it as a career path!

  2. Trimiy says:

    Hmmmm ! really good post on chasing what you have loved and cared. kinda inspiration to the people trapped into a daily boring job box !

  3. Philip says:

    Really great article, this is definitely an industry that is growing very rapidly and people with the required skills are highly valuable

  4. I think Digital Design is a skill set that has come to stay.

    Not only is it increasingly being in high demand, a lot of other tech related niches are dependent on digital design and as such there’ll always be opportunities for categories of Digital Designers, hence the need for people to learn, unlearn and relearn to improve their Designing skills.

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