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Forget FOMO, embrace the joy of staying home!

by Amanda Collins

In the last few years FOMO, otherwise known as Fear of Missing Out, has reigned supreme.

Social media led us believe that our friends and family were, at any given point in time, having way more fun than we were.

Photos of travel adventures, amazing dinners, and happy, laughing people holding impossibly perfect looking cocktails, made us feel bad about hanging out at home on the couch with a plate of toast. Like somehow we were missing out on our lives. These images pressured us to go out and seize the day, no matter how tired, sick, stressed or busy we were.

Something had to give.

And then it seemed out of nowhere JOMO, the Joy of Missing Out, arose.


It seems logical really that JOMO would follow in the exhausted wake of FOMO. We were all burnt out and desperate for friends to cancel evening plans so we could crawl home, hop on the couch with a glass of wine and watch television guilt free.

JOMO gives everyone permission to breathe, to relax, to unwind, to just enjoy life however it comes.

So, in celebration of the birth of JOMO, we’ve named the top reasons why you should embrace the joy of missing out.

Do what you want, not what everybody else wants

JOMO gives you the ultimate permission to live your life how you want it – not how your friends, family, the media and society tells you to live it. It gives you freedom to just be yourself. To be authentic.

You want to wear old tracksuit pants and dance in your kitchen? JOMO lets you do that. Want to wear pyjamas on your couch and watch Game of Thrones on Saturday night? JOMO lets you do it. You want to cook pasta and drink red wine listening to jazz and reading a thriller – JOMO that!

Better for your bank account

Going out is expensive. You don’t even really see it all adding up. The Uber or taxi, the drinks, dinner, after dinner drinks, cover charge, snacks, the revoltingly overpriced popcorn at the movies, etc…

You can easily walk away from an evening $200 poorer.

Then multiply that by two evenings on the weekend, plus a few day adventures, and you have a seriously depleted bank account.

Staying home and eating and drinking from your fridge saves you money. Lots of money. Money that you can put toward things you actually want, like holidays, paying off debt, cars, education, houses. All the good stuff!

JOMO and staying home

Gives you needed ‘me-time’

Your week is busy enough without adding the pressure of saying yes to every invite. JOMO allows you some breathing space to sit and just relax. To actually unwind and de-stress, and we have all heard the huge benefits that a bit of stress relief can have on our health!

So really JOMO, is actually good for you!

Guilt free couch and movie watching, with wine

Sometimes we need something to give us permission to relax. Something to tell us that it’s okay for us to do nothing.

JOMO strips you of guilt. The guilt that you should be doing something, that you are wasting time or not making the most of your time. It gives you permission to sit on the couch, turn on Netflix and binge watch your favourite shows. Or catch up on that movie you have been meaning to watch.

relax and embrace JOMO

Enhanced creativity

Spending time by yourself allows your creative juices to flow. Away from other people you are free to focus on your thoughts, feelings and ideas without judgement or distraction.

JOMO gives you the time and the freedom to paint, write, draw, sing, read and create.

Reach your goals

When you don’t spend all your time trying to keep up with other people, you get time to focus on your own goals and dreams. You get time to work towards them, to chip away at all the little stones that make up the mountain.

JOMO gets you closer to what you want out of life.

JOMO makes time for your goals

So there you have it, all the reasons and permission you need to take a night or a day off from events and invitations, to embrace JOMO and to finally do what you actually want!

Embrace JOMO and get ahead!

JOMO gives you time to yourself, which you can use to work towards your dreams and life goals. A course from Open Colleges can give you the skills and knowledge you need to take those dreams and goals, and make them a reality.

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