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How to plan the perfect kids’ party

by Sarah Watson

Want to throw a party  your child will never forget?

This month, Open Colleges’ Diploma of Events Management student, Sarah Watson, shows you how!

Below you will find her top tips to make a kids’ party go off without a hitch.

plan kids party for birthday

Be organised

Make a list. Grab a notebook, write up your plan and keep all your notes in one place. Focus on the main things your child would like to do: a few games, food, present and cake time. By focusing on key party points you put less pressure and stress on yourself.

plan kids party games


A lot of details about the party will be determined by the size of the space where you intend to hold it. The average party has 10-20 children attendees with some parents that will stay on for younger children’s parties. When thinking about your party space, its also important to have a wet weather contingency plan.

plan kids party with a theme

Party theme

Nearly every child’s party has a theme. Having a theme can give your party a cohesive look. If the party theme also happens to be is your child’s favourite thing, it can help give the other parents ideas for present buying options.

plan kids party around their favourite characters


This is an important aspect of the party. Work out how much you have to spend and stick to it. Shop around; find the best deal, if you’re buying large quantities ask for a bulk discount. Get a few quotes if you’re getting a cake made. Try to negotiate where possible, it can end up saving you heaps!

plan kids party on a budget

Time it right

Kids’ parties should run for around two and a half hours. Any longer than this and younger children will begin to get tired and cranky. Having a party in the morning is also the best time as children are fresh and alert.

plan kids party


You can be as creative as you like with your theme, and remember you can use different colour shades and patterns to help style your space. Google and Pinterest are great for ideas.

plan kids party with style


These days there is lot of pressure when it comes to party food. Keep the menu simple, familiar and age-appropriate.

Keep in mind any allergies parents have advised.

Safe options are small bits of a few different things – a fruit plate, some vegetable sticks and dip, lollies and some type of small savoury foods (if you’re not keen on  mini pies and sausage rolls, try mini quiches and spring rolls).

plan kids party food well

Be present

Remember to make sure to get out there and socialise with the parents that are staying for the party. Sit down and have a coffee with them. Have fun with the kids as they will remember you being there to help blow out the candles, but they won’t remember you being stressed out in the kitchen.

plan kids party and enjoy it


Use these simple tips for planning the perfect children’s party. A great kids’ party is where you are relaxed and happy, and more importantly your child is happy and enjoying themselves. Enjoy their new milestone and treasure the day’s experience. Enjoy the excitement of hearing “Let it go” being played for the 50th time, and enjoy a glass of wine as a reward for a party well done!



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