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Reasons not to give up #11: you’re not alone

by Amanda Collins

Sometimes what makes us feel like quitting is a sense that we are struggling alone, that there is no helping hand to pull us up when we fall down.

In this, the last of our Reasons Not to Give Up series, we wanted to let you know that studying online does not mean that you study alone.

You are surrounded by a huge community of Open Colleges staff who are 100% behind you, and whose focus is solely on your success.

You are not alone. We’re here to help you, all you need to do is ask.

reasons not to give up

Below you’ll find five Open Colleges staff members discussing how they can help you.

Andrea Robb, Enrolment Consultant (Health and Community Services Faculty)

Anthony Siokos, Learning Support Officer

Mimma Gatto, Program Manager, Fashion

Antony Cirocco, Program Manager, Photography

Dr Glashie Qudsia, Program Manager, Counselling Portfolio

Need some support?

If you have been feeling overwhelmed or confused and need some direction, why not pick up the phone and call Learning Support. Alternatively, log into Open Space and send your Trainer or Program Manager an email. They’re here for you, so make sure you reach out for help!

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