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What is a Life Audit and do you need one?

by Amanda Collins

Lost in the thick of work, your social life and a swarm of side projects? It’s time to do a life audit!

Pioneered by LinkedIn Product Operations Manager, Ximena Vengoechea, Life Audits are quick, simple and easy to do.

Vengoechea paved the Life Audit way after she became so snowed-under by her ambitions, work and commitments, that she eventually had to set aside an afternoon to reclaim her life.

What began as a personal project sparked an online movement after Vengoechea posted an article detailing her Life Audit process online.

Below is a compact version of her now famous Life Audit method.

what is a life audit

Step 1

Set aside some time when you can be alone. This could be a morning, afternoon or evening – whenever works for you. Try to pick a room in your house which is quiet and where you won’t be disturbed. Put away your phone and computer so you have no distractions.

Step 2

Get a set of post-it notes. For each note write one goal or wish you want to achieve in your life. Don’t judge these goals, just write them down. They can range from relatively small ones like ‘call grandma once a week’ to big ones like ‘write a novel’. Keep writing until you run out of ideas.

Step 3

Sort out your notes into columns, these could include: health, family, relationships, creative, career, adventure, etc.

Step 4

Look over your post-its and find which ones can be done immediately, in the next few months, and which ones are long-term plans.

Notice also which ones really spark your interest, and which ones which may just be a passing fancy. Discard the ones that you put into the ‘passing fancy’ pile. They will only hold you back from achieving your real goals.

Now take a look at which goals can be achieved immediately, in the next few months and which ones may take a few years to achieve.

Start to map your life so that you can dedicate the right amount of time to each goal. Work out what you can do every day to achieve your goals.

Step 5

Share your goals with friends and family so that they can keep you accountable.

To read more about Vengoechea’s process view her original Life Audit post here.

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