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Reasons not to give up #8: these study memes show the struggle is real

by Sarah MacDiarmid

During this series we’ve made no secret of the fact that settling down to study and finding the motivation to make some meaningful progress can sometimes be a struggle. Don’t feel too bad though, these study memes show there are plenty of people out there who know exactly how you feel.

It can feel like the whole world is trying to distract you

Beer Meme

Dory Meme

You’ve become a master of multitasking

Leo Gatsby Meme

The word dedication has taken on a whole new meaning

Spongebob meme

You’ve never quite felt despair like this before

Cry-ThrowUp Meme

Fry Meme

But at least you’ve got Ryan on your side

Gosling Study Meme

You can do it!

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