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Interior Design Resources I Love

by Stephanie Barthelemy

Looking for inspiration? Information? Or just some tips to make your learning journey easier? In our Resources I Love series we chat to our students to get the inside information on what resources they turn to when they are studying, creating and working.

This month, Open Colleges’ Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration student and designer, Stephanie Barthelemy, shares the resources she is using to inspire, inform and assist her work.


Through my journey as an interior designer I have found inspiration in resources ranging from online sources, print media and real world examples.

Many designers immerse themselves in creative ideas from other sources to inspire them. All these resources are easily and readily accessible to anyone.


Pinterest is so far my favourite online resource: I use it a lot. I like and save images in different categories which helps me stay organised.

When I appreciate an artist, interior design company or website, I simply follow them to stay up with their posts and inspirations.


Design magazines such as Indesign, Artichoke, Design Quarterly, Green and Elle Decor are also regular buys from my local newsagent.

These magazines are rich in information about new products and trends and are also pleasant to read through while relaxing by the beach or in a park.

The Grounds of Alexandria

I also find inspiration at The Grounds of Alexandria.

The Grounds of Alexandria

A cafe and restaurant by function, the Grounds is an industrial warehouse transformed with a blend of rustic and contemporary detail which opens onto a garden fragrant with herbs.

The Grounds of Alexandria

I really like the design concept of The Grounds. Built on sustainable practices, the cafe incorporates recycled materials and found objects to form a truly inspiring and beautiful space.

The Grounds of Alexandria


My favourite resource for inspiration is nature itself. I grew up in the country side of Belgium and so I have always found that natural landscapes relax me, and I love to contemplate natural colours, shapes and life.

If you’re looking for outstanding colour schemes, look to nature! Apps such as ColorSnap on Android or
Iphone allow you to capture images and then experiment with colour easily.

I particularly love designs which integrate nature. One great example of this is the ‘Shelter’ by Vipp Design.

Shelter by Vipp

Shelter is an inspirational blend of aestheticism and functionality.

Shelter by Vipp

The perfect place to escape, Shelter serves our basic needs while at the same time bringing us back to nature.

Shelter by Vipp

Natural Design

I admire designers and architects who push the limits in terms of incorporating nature and environmentally friendly practices in their design.

Through online magazines in the fields of architecture and design such as Yellowtrace, Ignant, Designboom, Dezeen magazine or Architonic, I have discovered some innovative designers including Teresa van Dongen who designed the Ambio Bacterial Lamp which contains a bioluminescent micro-organisms.

Ambio Bacterial Lamp

Other inspirational designers include Arup who has developed a building prototype which incorporates living matter (microalgae) into its design that can control light entering the building by providing shade when needed.

Another favourite is Werner Aisslinger who already sees the next step too: plants which without any additional assistance form to the shape of a piece of furniture!

Resources are everywhere and inspiration can be found anywhere! It can be just a small a detail: a room you find aesthetically pleasing at a friend’s house, or a functional piece of furniture, or even a a seat you find comfortable in a cafe. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get inspired!

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  1. Paul Vargas says:

    As a homeowner, I am always looking for better home design and interior inspiration to give an attractive look to my home. Home interior and exterior should be unique and attractive, we can take care of every corner such as; flooring, paints, furniture, doors & windows, and showcases. In most of the cases, we have also hired an interior designer, who is able to give a perfect look to our home. Here from this article also, we have found some crucial interior designing tips and themes, it looks amazing and stunning, I really appreciate these theme designs.

  2. Actually pinterest is a very good resource for interior design, once you know how to find good boards and pins though search. Also, you should follow specific boards that are updated regularly to stay in touch with current industry trends.

    Secondly, who can beat nature as the source of interior designing? All modern inventions are mostly inspired by nature only.

  3. sophia says:

    The information provided in the article about various resources for interior design was very informative and I personally follow your blogs. Being an interior designer,I read lot of content about interior design and your blog page is one of the most relevant once.Recently i have come across a blog which gives most relevant information about best interior designing software.I would like you to spare some time and have a look at it, keep the good work going on 🙂

  4. I am an interior designer and I can personly say this that the source of inspiration mentioned in your article is highly relatable and effective for work. Your article has given the correct way to search and where to search for interior design ideas. Thanks for sharing such a good informative blog. Especially the magazines were all national and international ideas are posted I liked that personally.

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