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Reasons not to give up #5: you’re not the only one who’s felt like this

by Sarah MacDiarmid

When we’re feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated, it can seem like we’re the only ones in the world who have ever felt this way and that no one else really understands. We’re here to remind you that isn’t true at all. You’re definitely not the only one who’s felt like you couldn’t go on and that giving up was the only option – but don’t give in!

The following stories prove that good outcomes can come from even the hardest of struggles – see for yourself…

A stuntman’s survival

“You need hope to cope.”

The wise busker

“This too will pass.”

Mum’s advice goes a long way

“Find that person that believes in you…”

The struggle is worth it

“It might be hard task and it might be a long path but you will come out on top.”

Perseverance is key

“Always think of the future. Think positively and don’t give up!”

You can do it!

Inspired by the stories above? Whatever it is that’s holding you back, take steps to deal with it now. Why not get back to your studies and start working towards the future you deserve with Open Colleges?

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