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What are the best subjects to study online?

by Amanda Collins

The popularity of online courses is undeniable. They are ideal for busy people because there are no classrooms to attend, you can learn in your own time and at your own pace – effectively fitting study around your life. But with so many courses on offer, how do you choose the best one?

The answer is simple. The best course to study online is one that meets your needs, be that a career change, a career boost or just feeding an interest.

Once you have narrowed down what it is that you want from online study, you can begin to look at your options.

Below are four student categories. Each of the categories provides you with the best online study options to suit your needs.

So which student type are you?

Career Changer

You’re looking for a career. Perhaps you are returning to the workforce after a break or you want to change careers. Either way, online study is the perfect way to get the skills to launch an amazing career.


As for your best study option, consider childcare. At present, according to the Australian Skills Shortages List, there is a need for qualified childcare centre managers.

This means that employers are actively seeking people for this rewarding career!

A Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care from Open Colleges will give you the qualifications required to fill this gap.

This course prepares you to look after children, teaches you to manage staff and how to create a safe working environment for everyone. Check out Open Colleges’ range of Childcare courses here.

Animal Care

Another alternative for Career Changers is working with animals. This is an ideal career for people who love animals and would be happy to spend their days helping their four-footed and feathered friends.

A Certificate IV in Vet Nursing from Open Colleges teaches you the theoretical knowledge you need to work in a vet clinic or an animal hospital, while its work placement component gives you the practical know-how to successfully put your knowledge into practice.

It’s the best of both worlds, whilst still offering you the flexibility to fit study around your busy life! Check out Open Colleges’ range of Animal Care courses here.

Career Booster

You’ve been working in cafes, restaurants or in customer service to pay the bills, and now you’re looking to take that next step.


Consider a Diploma of Hospitality. Not only does this fantastic course give you the skills to step up into management roles, but it also allows you to select where you want to end up: Front of House, Food and Beverage or Small Business Management.

The course is also perfect because the flexible model fits around your work. Check out Open Colleges range of Hospitality courses here.


Another option would be to utilise your people skills from customer service and change direction, moving into a different career, but one with many options.

A Diploma of Counselling from Open Colleges is a fully comprehensive course which teaches participants to assist people with their problems and issues in a caring, non-judgemental way. This career path affords you with many job opportunities, including counselling, government support services and working with community organisations. Check out Open Colleges’ range of counselling courses here.

Ladder Climber

You like your job, you are good at what you do, but it’s time to get the qualifications you need to get ahead.

Leadership and Management

Consider a Diploma in Leadership and Management. Nationally recognised, this course will give you the skills to not only manage individuals and teams effectively, but also to develop a project plan, manage budgets, seek out opportunities for further business improvement and liaise with stakeholders. Check out our Leadership and Management courses here.

Training & Assessment

Alternatively, you may like to climb the ladder by passing on your skills and knowledge as a certified trainer and assessor. A Certificate IV in Training & Assessment will give you the skills you need to effectively educate and assess others. Check out Open Colleges’ range of Training & Assessment courses here.


You have always had an interest in a particular subject, but never pursued the passion, until now. The problem is, it’s hard to know where to start.


A Certificate in Photography is perfect for beginners and will teach you essentials like how to select and use a digital camera, how to use light to the best effect, how to use image processing software, and importantly, guidelines for basic photographic composition. Check out our range of photography courses here.

Creative Writing

If you have an interest in writing, then a Certificate in Creative Writing is a great place to start. Designed to provide a solid introduction to the craft of writing, this course will equip you with the skills to match your writing passion. Check out Open Colleges’ range of writing courses here.

Whichever study path you chose to go down, with Open Colleges you will not only get high quality education, but you will also get the support you need to succeed. You can enroll at any time, and enjoy a flexible learning model where there are no deadlines and no classrooms.

Check out our 100+ courses here.

So what are you waiting for? Today is the day you open up a whole new world!

Need skills to create the career of your dreams?

Open Colleges has over 100 courses, so you are sure to find the ideal study option to provide you with the skills and knowledge you need launch your successful, brilliant career.

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