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3 reasons to start a career in childcare or education support

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When you choose a career in childcare, you’re choosing a career that’s flexible, in demand and more importantly, extremely fulfilling.

According to Early Childhood and Childcare Minister, Kate Ellis, 1 million children are receiving childcare services in Australia and there are over 27,000 family day care educators. As well as this, over 104,130 families use family day care and over 179,200 children are enrolled in family day care.

Regulations make for a rewarding career

It’s a booming industry that has recently become more regulated. This has worked in favour of those people choosing to work in the industry, as they are now required to have more professional qualifications, meaning better job opportunities and in some cases, better payment for services.

Journalist Lisa Bryant, a consultant for the early education and care sector, said, “The idea (of bringing in more regulations) was to have more highly qualified educators working with children”.

“At the same time as the requirements to increase the minimum qualifications came in, other requirements were tabled. These required more early childhood teachers (meaning university qualified teachers) more diploma-qualified staff and to also have a better ratio of educators to children,” she added.


Lisa also points out that these law changes have affected the industry because they mean, “that it’s now a given that people working in the industry have a slightly higher status and standing in the community. It’s now an industry that’s not ‘just seen as childcare.’ It’s seen more correctly as early education and care.”

Develop your mind while you nurture others’

Nesha O’Neil, President of Childcare NSW discovered early that a childcare environment was more than just a place to nurture young minds; it was a place to develop her own as well.

By watching and playing, she enjoyed being involved in the development of others, extending their interests and educating them as well as guiding their behaviour.

“It’s not all fun and games and ‘playing with kids all day’,” she said. “Working with children and their families is hard work, it’s physically and emotionally exhausting, and there’s so much that you are expected to know and understand.”

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In-demand industry

The Australian Bureau of Statistics states that since 1999, the proportion of parents using childcare has greatly increased. This means that now more than ever, your skills and experience is needed to help children reach their potential – especially if you are a mother yourself.

Childcare is a constantly changing industry, much the way your thoughts and ambitions might change over time. Become part of the childcare community and acknowledge that change is a good and positive aspect to your personal and working life.

A little more info…

Read though these industry interviews and see exactly what the childcare and surrounding industries have to offer. If you’re thinking of getting into childcare, many of the questions you may have will be answered with a little research.

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