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Melinda sets her sights on excellence

by Amanda Collins

Melinda Wheeler is working in her dream job as a medical equipment specialist on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. So why would she take up a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment with Open Colleges? We chat to her to find out more. MelWheeler Resized 10.06.15

What attracted you to the Open Colleges Certificate IV in Training and Assessment?

“My work. My job is probably best described as a medical equipment specialist. I educate and train people in the use of CT scanners onsite. Getting the skills to use in trainings, to substantiate the work I do is very valuable.”

What has been your favourite part of the course so far?

“It’s great to be able to apply the subjects to my work. I’ve done one subject quite recently, which involved video submissions of me running a training session. I think what is really handy for me is to work on something which I thought was second nature to me, and to improve my skill in it.”

What are your short term and long term goals?

“Improving my training. Career progression is a bit hard in my company, so I want to better myself and further myself through training.”

CT MachineHow do you think your life will be different after you graduate?

“I’ll be better at my job. The course has changed my work and the way I approach training courses. It’s made me more confident. I’ll be more confident and comfortable running the training sessions and courses.”

How did you find the Open Colleges experience?

“Well, there’s just 10 units in total, including seven core units and three elective units. Each of those subjects has a mixture of assignments, portfolio type assessments and video assessments. They’re all accessible through the OpenSpace website, which I found very simple to use.

“The other good thing is that my trainer is very friendly. I emailed him and he emailed straight back! Every now and then my trainers just drop a line to say ‘how’s it going?’ Some of the training can be quite daunting, so just having a trainer to support me, I found was really, really fantastic.”

Training class edited 10.06.15“I thought I’d really struggle not being able to bounce ideas at lectures like I did at uni, but having the support and feedback from my trainers was fantastic.”

Now in the final stretch of her studies, Melinda is excited to use the skills that she has learned to enrich her work, help her students and progress her career.

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