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How to land your first job

by Jack Phillips

So you’ve spent years educating yourself to an almost genius level of intellect and now face the daunting task of landing your first job. Scared yet? You shouldn’t be because the information you need to get a foot on the right rung is under your nose (here).

From resumes to job applications, presentations and telephone interviews and everything in between, getting a job often seems like a job in itself and with statistics like ‘14% youth unemployment rate’ and ‘18 applicants for every job’ thrown in your face every day, the task that lays ahead of you may just have you running for the hills.

But don’t despair, brushing up on your presentations skills, resume writing, extra-curricular skill base, mindset and overall attitude will put you in the best stead possible when you’re looking to make that first career leap. Employers often want a certain set of things from their new recruits and usually in a certain order.

Understanding the approaches you need to take will give you all the ammunition you need to go in and bag the role you want. There are also a whole host of mistakes that new graduates make when looking to secure a role and so identifying and then eliminating them early will save you time and money.

The hardest part when you’re trying to land your first job is knowing where to start. The Internet is littered with employment boards advertising every job possible and recruiters not too far away promising to move heaven and Earth for you before seemingly falling off the face of it. But you can stand out from the crowd and there is a 7-step plan that will help you to do so.

Want to check out the 7 steps?

Check out this infographic on how to land your first job!

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