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A beautiful future in interior design

by Allison Tait

In one year, Sam Brown has gone from having “no clue” about what she wanted to do to lining up a job with an interior designer – and she hasn’t even finished her interior design course yet!

A year ago, Sam Brown, 21, didn’t have a clear idea about what she wanted to do with her life. She knew that she liked art and design, but wasn’t sure where to go from there. She was working casually and wanted to build a career for herself.

Today, Sam is looking forward to a beautiful future.

“I thought I’d like to do something like architecture or interiors,” she says. “I’ve loved art ever since I was a little girl, and that’s what led me towards that area.”

Some research led her into the Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration course. “I like working at my own pace,” she says.

“With Open Colleges, you unlock study periods as you move along. I always print off my content and write my notes first, and then I work through each of the assignments until the study period is completed. It’s really good.”

work in interior design

Valuable skills

Before she’d even completed her qualification, Sam had lined up a job with an interior designer. “The course has helped me to learn the skills I need to work with her,” says Sam.

“I can’t wait to work alongside her and learn more about the industry. I’d love to have my own boutique company one day. Something that I built myself.”

Sam will be immersed in commercial and hospitality interiors, helping to design clubs, pubs and restaurants, but she’ll be keeping an eye on residential interiors trends through her burgeoning Pinterest boards.

“I use Pinterest a lot,” she says. “It’s my main source of inspiration, and a great way for me to organise all my ideas. I collect things I like, saving images of all the amazing interior projects that people share online.”

work in interior design moodboard

Sharing and self-development

Sharing online is one of the great things about every Open Colleges course, as students have access to forums where they can engage with each other. For Sam, though, one of the great benefits of an online, self-paced course is developing unexpected skills – like self-motivation.

“I think self-development is really important with interior design,” she says. “And I think that learning online means that you develop a lot of skills yourself – much more so than if you were sitting in a university lecture theatre. You’re developing your own skills and ideas, which is important.”

Help is at hand

One of the skills Sam’s recently learned was AutoCAD drafting – and she’s surprised herself by how much she’s enjoying it!

work in interior design with autocad

“I had no clue about it whatsoever and I was freaking out when I first started!” she said. “But I contacted my trainer, Chris, who was very helpful, and then I bought a couple of books to help me learn it. Now I’ve got the hang of it, it’s so simple and so easy!”

And the best thing about AutoCAD? “I love the perfect results you get,” says Sam, who admits that she likes simple designs and textures. “I think too much clutter is overpowering.”

She looks for magazines that represent her design aesthetic, such as Belle and Vogue, and buys them as soon as they come out to see upcoming trends.

Looking ahead

Now, as she looks ahead to her own future, Sam is proud of herself for coming so far, so quickly. “This time last year, I had no real clue of where I was going to go,” she says. “I knew I wanted to do something in design, interior design, and this qualification has brought me one step closer. I think completing the course – getting there – is an excellent thing.”

Which just goes to show that studying online can help you to realise your dreams – or even just help to clarify what those dreams might be. Open Colleges has a range of courses that can put you on the right path and take you into a brighter future.

Career update!

Sam’s hard work paid off and she moved on to a role as an Interior Designer with a commercial interior design company. Well done Sam!

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