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5 ways make the most of your time indoors this winter

by alina

Though it’s tempting to snuggle up in front of the TV when the temperature drops, we know you can do better than that. So hop up off the couch and follow our tips to make the most of all that spare time indoors this winter!

OK, winter is approaching. We’re thinking cosy soups, early nights and evenings spent in front of a cranking heater. However, just because the cooler season is around the corner doesn’t mean you need to turn into a couch potato!

More indoor time is an excellent opportunity to organise your life, learn something new from the comfort of your own home or refine a skill or craft. The options are endless!

Whether your thing is cooking, fitness or self-development, Open Colleges have a list of fun activities that are sure to warm up your winter.

1. Master home cooking

We all know home cooking saves you money, is way healthier for you ­– and is often better enjoyed with friends. So why not try out a new recipe each week and really hone your technique? If you are a beginner, perfect the basics, such as how to fry the perfect egg or make al dente pasta. For the seasoned home chef, it’s time to get creative by experimenting with new cultures or choosing a theme ingredient of the week. Eggplant three ways, anyone?


2. Mess about with some art

Remember how you used to love arts and crafts as a kid? Well there’s a reason for that – creativity is natural to us! Being cooped up indoors is the perfect opportunity to develop a hidden talent you always knew you had. So strum some long-forgotten chords on your guitar or invite some friends over for an afternoon of DIY. Involve the kids or potter with a paintbrush solo – the point is to have some fun! Whether it’s writing a poem or composing a song, look to Pinterest, Etsy and YouTube for inspiration.


3. Develop a side career

Ignite your personal growth or explore some interesting career choices – there’s something deeply rewarding about learning a new trade. From photography to beauty therapy, vet nursing or childcare, these days you can study almost anything online. Do this purely as a hobby or consider your new skill as possible new means of income. Do the modules in your own time and fit your study around your life. Think of something that makes you curious, then jump on to the Open Colleges website and pick your course. Voila – a brand new world has opened up to you!

4. Get fit in your lounge room

Just because the skies are dark or it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you should sit dormant on your booty. Instead, turn your home into the ultimate gym! Stock up on light weights, a thermo-band or even a skipping rope if space allows. Get up 20 minutes earlier to do your own circuit (the edge of the couch is great for tricep dips!). If you would rather be taken through the paces by an expert, few things are more entertaining than a retro DVD workout – or you can download the latest training apps on your phone or games console.


5. Detox, declutter

Self-imposed wintery lockdown is the ideal time to take inventory of your heaving drawers and closets. After all, being organised is a proven key to a happy and successful life! There is something rewarding about having a clean out and actually knowing where your things are. Go through your belongings drawer by drawer and throw out anything that is redundant, store away what you’re unsure about and organise what you use in accessible and visibly pleasing sections. Now your best outfits, receipts and recipes are a quick glance away and you’ve saved yourself oodles of time.

We bet you’re looking forward to winter a bit more now, right? Follow our tips and you’ll be more skilled, fit, nourished and creative than you were all summer! Here’s to a happier, smarter and healthier you, all year round.

Try something new this winter

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