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Get the ultimate work-life balance

by Jack Phillips

Achieving a work-life balance will keep you feeling happy and fulfilled. Take advice from Australian entrepreneur Jules Sebastian and follow our tips to strike a stress-free balance that proves you can have it all.

Research suggests that increasingly demanding workloads are playing havoc on our mental and physical health. However, loss of appetite, poor sleeping patterns, mood swings and behaviour changes can be made a thing of the past – if you know how.

It may seem daunting, but it really is possible to combat life’s challenges and learn how to strike that balance between achieving goals and enjoying life outside the office. Ultimately, a work/life/study balance is integral for staying happy and fulfilled and will help you reach your goals effectively.

Focus on what’s important


Taking steps to implement a work-life balance is vital for placing yourself on a better path. In fact there are 8 steps that will really help you organise your life and mind, giving you the skills you need to tackle each new task in a manner that helps, rather than hinders.

Prioritising tasks is a great way to find out what’s important, but it’s also valuable to ascertain when you should say no to something. Perhaps a structure could be put in place that could make a challenge easier to overcome and improve not only your work-life balance, but other people’s too.

A major part of this is simply having the right attitude to start with. By being proactive and not reactive, you will be better equipped to handle problems before they arise.

Learn to say ‘no’

One of the most common and overlooked factors in rebalancing your life is deciding when it is time to stop working altogether and relax. Taking some time out of your day to read, exercise or catch up with friends will not only refuel the mind, but ensure that your are not neglecting the people in your life that are really important.

Make a plan


Australian entrepreneur Jules Sebastian believes that looking at things differently helps readdress ones needs. As a businesswoman, a wife and a mum, she discovered that it was hard to strike the balance she needed in order to be happy.

“I always want the challenges to make me stronger, give me lessons and build my character” she says. “It’s great to have ambition, goals and dreams but you need a plan of action in order to get there.”


With a clear and well thought out approach, life can be more enjoyable and manageable. The hardest bit is taking the first step. You really can reach you goals without giving anything up and in many cases you may just have a little more time to do more of what you really love to do.

As Jules aptly explains, ‘It’s about fitting the pieces of the puzzle together.’ Use the techniques presented here to get things under control and enjoy the personal and professional benefits.

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