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Find a future-proof job

by Dante St James

If you’re hoping to change careers or enter the workforce again this year, check out the top areas for job growth and take the first step towards a future-proof career.

It is said that up to one quarter of jobs that are common today didn’t exist 10 years ago. One futurist even claims that up to 60% of the jobs that people will be doing 10 years from now haven’t been invented yet. But what is the job market like this year?

Each year the Australian Government’s Department of Education and Training highlights the industries that show the most potential for growth in job availability. Industrial analysts and even the Reserve Bank of Australia then add their own outlook. So after studying what they had to say, we’ve compiled our own countdown of the Top 5 job growth areas for now.

Number 5: Finance & Accounting

accounting and finance provides future proof jobs

The Aussie dollar is down. That’s bad news for travelling overseas, but great news for exporters. And when exporters are making money, they’re going to need finance and accounting staff to process all that increased cash-flow.

If you’ve got skills in the various accounting packages, bookkeeping and general administration, you will be sought after, particularly as the end of the financial year approaches. Even if you’ve been away from finance for a while a refresher course in MYOB or a bridging course in bookkeeping could be useful for getting back in the door.

If you’re looking for a complete career change there are plenty flexible options online that offer everything from Introductions to Bookkeeping and FNS50217 Diploma of Accounting.

Number 4: Hospitality & Tourism

find an industry that offers future proof jobs

After a few rough years in the tourism game, the tables have turned. The world economy has been improving. And it’s cheaper than ever for Americans and Europeans to head to our shores. With expected double-digit growth this next two years in overseas visitor numbers, the hospitality sector is gearing up for a big surge in visitors. From housekeeping to food and beverage service there is expected to be a boom in demand for those with either industry experience or qualifications in both skilled and entry-level positions.

Employers will be looking for Certificates and Diplomas in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism over the next 12 months as they head for a peak of inbound tourists over the summers. (Please note that  this data was from the pre-pandemic period)

Number 3: General & Business Management

The ranks of middle management have had it tough over the last couple of years as governments have hacked away at budgets and corporations followed suit by thinning the herd.

As exports improve and Australian production increases to meet global demand for cheaper produce, minerals, manufactured goods and professional services, there will be a need for good people managers to handle the increase in workers. If you’re a “people person” then Diplomas and Certificates in Management, Logistics, Project Management and Frontline Management offer an entry point for those returning to the workforce after time away or even for those who are looking to move from the shop floor to the office.

What are you waiting for? Add a qualification to your experience and ride the wave of growth that’s expected in people management.

Number 2: Education & Childcare

With the recent announcement by the government that it will not be proceeding with its planned paid parental leave scheme, childcare is back in the spotlight. The expected rise in job vacancies in the next 12 months will come with hot demand for childcare services, before and after school care, as well as vacation care and teacher’s aides.

In 2014, the number of family daycare centres surged by 50%. Add to that a whopping 8.8% year-on-year growth in the sector over the last 5 years – the trend isn’t stopping any time soon! The childcare industry is crying out for qualified childcare workers to meet this demand. Even better news is the fact that this career path, more than any other, is perfectly suited for those want to balance their career around their own family.

Kick start your career in education or childcare without having to travel to a campus or leave your current job with the many online options to study Certificates in Early Childhood Education and Educational Support.

Number 1: Health Care & Social Assistance


There has been a quiet revolution occurring elsewhere in the world of health care and the need for all levels of multi-disciplinary health care workers continues to climb.

An ageing population, longer life-expectancy and increasing demand on the health system means that jobs in aged care, home and community care and disability support top the vacancy ads in every city in Australia.

You can start your journey towards a career in health with convenient part-time and online courses in aged, home and community care.  So you can make a move at your own pace in to an industry that is expected to continue it’s explosive growth well in to the next decade.

Are you ready?

A boom is on the way for jobs tourism, education, retail, health and management with this growth expected to continue for at least 2-3 years as the world economy continues to fight back.

Those who are prepared to take the time to learn new skills and gain new qualifications now will be poised to ride the wave of employment opportunities for years to come.

What can you do today to make sure you’re ready to ride that wave and create a new future?

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