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Apps and gadgets for productivity at home, at work and while studying

by Marianne Stenger

Productivity is today’s big obsession – there’s certainly no shortage of apps and gadgets that can get us organised and generally pack more into our days. But can technology really make us more productive?

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According to researchers and productivity geeks, the answer is a resounding “yes,” apps can help us in many ways.

One report shows that office workforce productivity has increased by 84 per cent thanks to advancements in technology; while another found that it can boost job satisfaction. Other research indicates that technology increases productivity for both students and teachers.

So how exactly can technology enhance our everyday lives? One way is with easily downloadable apps that you can access from a tablet, smartphone or desktop. We’ve found a few of the best apps to increase your productivity and make you more efficient and effective.

At work

The inside info on job seeking

Time equals money in the workplace, so any technology that helps things run more smoothly can have a huge impact on a person’s productivity, and therefore a company’s profitability.

Productivity apps and gadgets in the workplace can help you:

Track projects more efficiently and prioritise important tasks

Apps like Toggl and Priority Matrix are designed to help you work more efficiently by completing the most important tasks first, tracking projects and setting realistic goals and deadlines. 

Block out distractions  and avoid time wasters

Busy office environments can be distracting, but apps like White Noise can help you focus, while Bring TIM or Limiter will help you avoid time wasters.

Communicate more efficiently with team members

An increasing number of companies have employees working offsite, which can make communication more difficult. Project management software like Basecamp or iDoneThis helps keep everyone on the same page.



One of the biggest problems students face is staying focused, and although technology can certainly be distracting at times, it’s often also part of the solution – the key is knowing which tools to use and when.

When studying, good productivity apps can help you:

Block out distractions and maximise study time

If you find yourself spending more time than you should on Facebook or Buzzfeed, apps like RescueTime, Strict Workflow or Written?Kitten! can keep you focused and even gamify your study time. Gamification is where a program uses game mechanics in non-game contexts to solve problems. It can make learning more fun.

Set goals and track assignments

Apps like iStudiez Pro, NowDoThis or can help you track school assignments and assign deadlines, save notes, manage tasks, and organise complicated schedules.

Conduct research and brainstorm new ideas

Research can be simplified with apps like Questia and Reference Generator, while others like Inspiration can help keep new ideas flowing.

At home

The inside info on job seekingAlthough relaxation is probably more of a priority for you at home than productivity, the right tools will actually provide you with more down time by helping you accomplish daily tasks and errands more efficiently.

Using productivity apps at home can result in:

Better time-keeping, less forgetfulness

Between apps like Remember The Milk, Time Doctor and Check Mark, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting essentials at the store or turning up late for your appointments.

Well-managed personal finances

Managing personal finances is a chore for most of us, but apps like Expense Magic or Toshl can make things easier by painting a clearer picture of where money is being spent and sending reminders and updates.

Increased health and fitness

Gadgets like MiCoach and Polar Loop can help you settle into healthier routines, eat better and get enough exercise and sleep.

All in all, technology has the potential to greatly increase productivity in every aspect of our lives, and it can even make the most tedious of tasks seem a little more enjoyable.

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