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10 apps that can unlock your imagination

by alina

How imaginative are you? Every now and then we all need a bit of extra inspiration. Here are 10 apps that you can download today that will breathe fresh life into your creative projects, design ideas and daily activities.

Despite our best efforts to keep things fresh, our lives can sometimes fall into a decidedly linear, repetitive pattern. We check the same news sites, tune into pre-programmed radio stations and take the same commute to work.

Well what if we told you there was a way to shake things up, right at the swipe of your fingertips? Whether you wanted to try your hand at being a sculptor, shape-shift your existing photos or make your notes come to life, the following apps will help you discover new ideas, collate your knowledge and think about your world in a different way:

#1: Flipboard


Flipboard is an app that is your own magazine – allowing you to share content, photos and news with your friends based on your interests. To stretch your mind, why not tap interests outside your range to really learn about new fields – such as science, ancient history or interior design.

#2: Color Thief (from the US)

The photos in your camera can come out in different tones, so why not warp your memories with Color Thief – where you can apply a tone from an existing photo onto another – just like its own unique filter. Hours of fun as your relive your favourite memories in new lights and contexts.

#3: Biophilia


Eccentric Icelandic singer Bjork has launched Biophilia – an interactive multi-media musical experience that lets you pick the visual to the soundtrack and explore the universe and its forces and processes. With themes like Crystalline, Virus, Moon and Sacrifice and a collaboration with artists, designers and scientists, you are sure to get lost in the links between musical structures and natural phenomena.

#4: Moodboard


Why not store all your great ideas in one place? Moodboard is an app that lets you collate inspiration boards using images from your photo library and the internet. You can even customise colours, backgrounds and manage several boards at once for different dreams and projects.

#5: FontBook

Fonts are like languages and with over 100 type foundries, representing 1650 type designers, constituting 35,000 fonts FontBook lets you experiment with typefaces to give your content a range of moods and voices.

#6: Notability

We all have to take notes so why not make project planning fun? Notability allows your tasks to come to life by combining handwriting, typing, audio recordings, and photos so you can create notes that are memorable and fit your needs.

#7: Idea Sketch

This one is terrific – Idea Sketch lets you easily draw a diagram (such as a mind map, concept map, or flow chart); then convert it to a text outline. It’s amazing to see your ideas work in several dimensions and you can use this to brainstorm new ideas, illustrate concepts, make lists and outlines, plan presentations, create organisational charts and generally wow your team at meetings.

#8: Behance

You love Pinterest, now there is Behance an app that lets you explore millions of projects by the world’s top creative talent. Be inspired by leading portfolios in the fields of design, fashion, illustration, industrial design, architecture, photography, fine art, advertising and typography. You’ll soon be itching to add your own masterpiece.

#9: 123D Sculpt


123D Sculpt allows you to mould shapes without getting your hands dirty. Choose a shape from a library of creatures, humans, vehicles and the like, then push, pull and paint to make the sculpture your own. You can even make QuickTime turntable movies to upload to YouTube or email your fantastical creations to friends.

#10 TED

No list on inspiring imagination will be complete without TED talks from some of the world’s most fascinating people: education radicals, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus and music legends. Browse the entire library and create your own playlists to watch at will – and stretch your mind in incredible ways.

Now it’s over to you!

This array of leading thinkers, new ideas and beautiful imagery at your fingertips is all that you’ll require to come forth with your own creative projects.  And with some nifty ways to collate your musings, your imaginative tool box is fuelled up for months to come. As Jorge Luis Borges said,  “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library,” and after looking at these terrific apps, we couldn’t agree more.

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