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Career experts’ top 5 tips for getting a job in your chosen field

by Kristy Foss

Whether you’re just thinking about starting a new course, are mid-way through studying or are a recent graduate you’ll most likely be thinking about the challenges of finding and securing a dream job in your chosen career.

To give you a head start, Open Colleges recently interviewed 14 of the web’s top career experts for their top tips on everything from finding a job and dealing with interview nerves to what not to put on your resume.

Finding your dream role is not as difficult as it might seem when you look to the experts for help. The following career experts say they can get you on the right track to landing that perfect job.

These experts are passionate and “live” career advancement. Could hearing their message land you in a dream position?  We’ve rounded up just six of the common themes from our experts when it comes to job hunting:

1. Use connections

Anita Bruzzese of 45 Things suggests:

“Work with those in alumni associations, talk to friends, family, teachers and counsellors who may be able to offer you introductions.”

Every time you are out and about, talk to people – your neighbours, your friends and family contacts – you just never know when that one person will have that connection. And that connection just might lead to that perfect job.

2. Have clarity

As Nisa Chitakasem of Position Ignition advises:

“What we find is that many people spread themselves too thinly, going after any job that they can think of. A lot of time can also be wasted sending out hundreds of applications that may end up coming across as quite generic because the person applying hasn’t really got their heads around exactly what that particular job entails”.

Be sure you know exactly what you’re looking for when searching for your ideal role, be clear about what field you want to step into.  The more specific you are about the role you want to pursue in that dream job, the more likely you are to get it.

3. Internships

Ariella Coombs of CAREEREALISM states:

“Make internships a priority. Getting work experience early is so important these days. Yes, school is important, but don’t use homework as an excuse to put off getting internships”

Internships are not just for school leavers! Getting work experience through internships can build confidence and can give you on-the-job experience in the field of your choice. Having any hands-on experience on your resume is a huge bonus.

Many companies, such as accountancy firms, medical offices, beauty salons and fashion designers offer internship positions. These can sometimes become full-time positions.

4. Put in the effort

Samar Birwadker of Good Co says:

“Prepare to put in a lot of work to land your first job in any industry. On many occasions, people (of all levels) simply send out a handful of resumes per week, hoping that someone will take the bait, and wondering why they’re having a difficult time landing a job.”

What Samar suggests is ‘personal branding’ which means that each resume should be accompanied by a personalised cover letter displaying your passion and enthusiasm (and individuality) for this career.

5. Perseverance

Asya Bodeva of Career Geek finds:

The employment market is extremely competitive and you need to be prepared for the realities of it. If you don’t have work experience, go get some straight away!”

Perseverance pays in Australia’s extremely competitive job market.  If lack of experience is holding you back from landing a dream job then consider volunteering your time.

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Get advice with interview tips, how to get a job, effective networking and how to use LinkedIn. Whatever your career path or dream job is, if it is something you really want to achieve, remember to have clarity, get experience early through internships, use your connections and have perseverance.

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