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10 habits of highly successful online students

by tess
Every student needs self-discipline when it comes to study, but how do you get it? These 10 habits of highly successful online learners will help you understand how to better prioritise your study time and have a successful higher education.

1. Successful Students Assess Themselves

You can’t be great at everything and highly successful students understand this. They take the time to assess their study behaviours, where they’re going right and where they’re going wrong. If you can do this, then you can work on areas that need the most improvement. You’ll also know your strengths.

2. Successful Students Stick to Schedules

Highly successful students know how to write and stick to a good schedule. Create study times, set goals, make lists and most importantly, remember to follow them. This requires a lot of self-discipline and is definitely one of the top habits of a highly successful online student.

successful students aren't afraid to ask for help

3. Successful Students Aren’t Afraid to Ask for Help

Asking for help can sometimes be a little tricky, however it can save you countless hours of troubleshooting, letting you get on with the task at hand and keep you on schedule. Call or email your teachers, they’re happy to help and that’s what they’re there for!

4. Successful Students Have Study Buddies

If you’re struggling or just find you need someone to keep you on top of your game, getting a study buddy, creating or joining a study group can really empower you to reach your full study potential. Other students will be able to help you in areas you’re lagging in and you’ll be able to help them. Collaborating with other students is a great way to get ahead!

successful students have study buddies

5. Successful Students Prioritise

This is a bit of a no brainer but many students forget to prioritise their work and stick to whatever classes came first. Remember your deadlines and how fast you’re likely to get tasks done. Always work from most important to least important.

6. Successful Students Don’t Procrastinate

Highly successful students don’t get into the habit of procrastinating, which ultimately only leads to much time lost. Stick to your work schedule and you’ll go far, if you start procrastinating over one subject move on to the next but don’t put something in the ‘too hard basket’ for long.

successful students start with the most difficult subjects first

7. Successful Students Start with the Most Difficult Subjects First

Whether a subject, goal or smaller task, successful students always begin with the most difficult study first, whether scheduling over an entire week or just for the day. Study the most difficult subjects when your mind is at its best.

8. Successful Students Don’t Get Disturbed

Huge chunks of time can be lost if students get disturbed during a study session. Plan your study around times where you’re least likely to be disturbed and if you need to, let others know your plan. If you need to book a babysitter, then do. You’ll be more productive over a shorter, uninterrupted study session, than a long session with constant interruptions.

successful students use online resources

9. Successful Students Use Online Resources

Many online students make the mistake of not fully utilising the online resources on offer. If there’s an online class or tutorial, take it! If there’s an online group or chat about your course, subject or unit, join in!

10. Successful Students Keep up the Inspiration

Many students will get into the habit of simply going through their course units and eventually forgetting their end goal and the reasons they started. Remember why you chose that particular course by keeping up on current events and news in the field. Take the time to research particular areas of interest. This will keep up your inspiration to further your course and will help you to enjoy your study.

successful students keep up the inspiration

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