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10 reasons to start a career in the travel and tourism industry

by aileen
If you have a penchant for travel and you like to help others, then a job in the travel and tourism industry could be the career for you. Here are the top 10 reasons to choose a career in the travel and tourism industry.

1. Get started easily and advance quickly

One in three people get their start with a job in the tourism sector and if you’re enthusiastic and driven, advancement is often faster and easier than in other sectors, meaning the potential to kick-start your career and climb up the proverbial ladder is great.

2. Career choices

The job prospects and choices in the industry are fantastic with endless opportunities. There are a huge range of jobs in a variety of sectors including Travel Agent, Wholesaler, Visitor Information, Tour Operator, Cruising, Transport, Events and Tourism Services.

travel and tourism jobs

3. Tourism is a growth industry

According to the Minister for Trade and Investment, Andrew Robb, the Australian tourism industry is one of the country’s greatest strengths “[it] is our largest services industry export, earning $26 Billion a year.” To further enhance your prospects, the government has also launched the Tourism Employment Plan Guide and a new Tourism Employment Plan Advisory Service, to help the industry overcome regional labour and skills shortages.

4. The travel industry is innovative

The travel industry is one of the most competitive and innovative industries in the world with international destinations all vying for top spot. This ensures that new creative ideas and services are constantly being developed to keep up with tourist’s needs in order to stay ahead of the competition.

travel industry

5. Variety

There’s a job to suit everyone in the tourism industry. With such diverse jobs in the industry, you can work in any kind of environment you wish, whether it be a routine nine-to-five or a more glamorous and unpredictable role.

6. Transferable skills

The skills gained working in the travel and tourism industry can be used in a number of different sectors and positions, whether inside the industry or in other business.

travel while you earn

7. Travel while you earn

If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in the tourism industry then it’s more than likely your passionate about travel and one of the top reasons for choosing to work in the sector is that in many positions you can travel while you earn a living, whether locally, nationally or internationally.

8. Learning potential

Another great reason for working within the industry is the potential for learning about a number of tourism and travel subjects, including gaining local travel knowledge, learning about different cultures and nationalities and finding perfect travel destinations when you’re ready to take a break.

9. Stay true to your ethics

The tourism industry has immense economic value for a country’s economy and people, and greatly benefits local communities through the creation of jobs with fair wages without exploiting the local environment.

travel and tourism industry

10. Make people happy

Lastly, but certainly not least is your potential to make people happy. There are a number of roles in the industry that are all about helping people to go on their dream holiday and creating an experience they’ll never forget. According to Michael Owens, President and CEO of the Tourism Leadership Council, “My job is to make people happy.”

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    • Sarah MacDiarmid says:

      Hi Anil, thanks for getting in touch with your question.
      If you love people and love to travel, then a job in Tourism could be a choice that offers you a career full of interesting experiences and people. We have a number of travel and tourism courses that you may be interested in finding more information about. Click here to take a look:
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    I would like to lear more about tourism travel industries

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      Hi Monish, thanks for getting in touch! It’s great to hear that you are interested in learning more about the travel and tourism industry.

      Open Colleges offers a range of tourism and hospitality courses that you may be interested in. Click here to take a look:
      To discuss any of our courses in detail call one of our friendly Enrolment Consultants on 1300 365 137 or click this link and we will get back to you.

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    very good article about tour and travel industry.

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