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How to get the most from an online lecture or tutorial

by tess
One of the greatest resources for online students are video lectures and tutorials that delve into explaining units, assignments or subjects. They’ll help you stay up to speed with your course and give you practical information and tips as well as guide you through your course. While, undoubtedly these online lectures or tutorials are handy and informative, without preparing you may not necessarily be making the most of this free resource.

Make Sure You’re Up to Speed

Before viewing a tutorial video or online lecture you should always make sure you’re up to speed on what the discussion will be about. Don’t skip ahead, thinking it may speed up your course or assignment. Stay on track, otherwise you may unintentionally skip over important information or get barraged with a heap of information and feel overwhelmed. View the videos when you’re ready. Remember that one of the greatest things about online education is being able to go at your own pace.

Make Sure You’re Prepared

To get the most out of your lecture you’ll want a space where you can view the video without being distracted. To be as efficient as possible you’ll want to watch the video in its entirety, not pausing constantly because your phone is next to you or your kids are being too loud. Organise an environment where you can study in peace, if only for the length of the video. Prepare your workspace with the essentials to take notes and make sure your computer is prepared too. If it’s a live online tutorial than this is essential or you’ll be wasting everyone’s time when you log on.

take notes

Take Notes

Taking notes during a presentation will help you memorise the information, plus you’ll have a hard copy of things you need to remember, ask further questions about etc. Taking notes is important and will help you to retain information so if need be, if the lecture isn’t live then you can pause the discussion in order to take more notes without missing anything.

Organise Your Information

Once the video presentation is over you can now categorise your information and notes. You should have a folder or book to jot down information about assignments and your course as a whole. Gather your information into easy to understand sections in regards to your upcoming, related assignment.


To further retain information learned during the presentation it’s a great idea to talk to your fellow students about the video. Discuss ideas and information and ask each other questions. This will help you to gather ideas and info for your assignments and keep the lines of communication open with your peers.

ask questions

Ask Questions

Once you’ve organised your information it’s a good idea to ring your teacher or shoot off an email as soon as possible with your questions and concerns. Doing it straight after you’ve watched the video will ensure the questions are fresh in your mind and you’ll be better able to relate information and understand your teacher’s answers.


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