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Find your motivation style to kick-start your goals: your results

by Yvette Maurice

Whatever you want to do, finish a project, try something different or embark on a whole new career – you need to be motivated. Harness your power by discovering your personal motivation style. Take this quiz.

Discover your motivation style!

These are your results. To take the quiz – head here.

Question 1: When I learn new things I prefer to:

  1. Use a highlighter to emphasise notes – 1 POINT
  2. Explain the information to someone else – 3 POINTS
  3. Use a chanting rhythm to memorise – 2 POINTS
  4. Undertake tasks to learn – 4 POINTS

Question 2: I learn new information best when:

  1. I am in a group so I can listen to others – 2 POINTS
  2. I am alone in a quiet place – 1 POINT
  3. I am with one other person using role playing games – 4 POINTS
  4. When I can use my hands – 3 POINTS

Question 3: I remember things best if I:

  1. Make lists and write them over and over – 1 POINT
  2. Write things down and read them back – 3 POINTS
  3. Can physically examine them – 2 POINTS
  4. Record the information and listen – 1 POINT

Question 4: I like to discover new things using:

  1. Photographs and diagrams – 3 POINTS
  2. Rhymes and chants that I make up – 2 POINTS
  3. Labs and demonstrations – 4 POINTS
  4. Written words and notes – 1 POINT

Question 5: Sometimes when nobody is looking I might:

  1. Create songs with my homework information – 2 POINTS
  2. Draw a picture showing a process I need to understand – 3 POINTS
  3. Act out information – 4 POINTS
  4. Read a book for hours – 1 POINT

Question 6: I remember things most when I:

  1. Hear them – 2 POINTS
  2. Say them – 3 POINTS
  3. Read them – 1 POINT
  4. Act them out – 4 POINTS

Question 7: I have trouble remembering information if I:

  1. Read it and don’t talk about it in class – 2 POINTS
  2. Can’t discuss it in class – 3 POINTS
  3. Can’t take notes – 1 POINT
  4. Can’t see the objects I am learning about – 4 POINTS

Question 8: I remember

  1. Faces – 1 POINT
  2. Names and faces if I can shake hands – 4 POINTS
  3. Names – 3 POINTS
  4. Where text is located on a page – 2 POINTS

How to score:

Add up all your points, then head to Find your motivation style to kick-start your goals on the Open Colleges Blog to see what this means about your motivation style!

8 – 13 points = you are a Visual motivator

14 – 19 points = you are an Auditory motivator

20 – 26 points = you are a Tactual motivator

27 – 32 points = you are a Kinaesthetic motivator

Got your score? Head here to learn about your motivation style.

4 Responses

  1. Rod Spence says:

    I found your motivation monitoring exercise was not intuitive.
    It almost implies that you can select answers online, but apparently it is necessary to print the exercise to “highlight ” the answers , as suggested.
    I nevertheless printed the questions and tallied the score as 31.

    I could not find an easylink to use this information.


  2. Toria says:

    Well I’m afraid I didn’t find this article particularly helpful. I did the test, concluded what type of learner I was and then… that’s it. Once you have decided on your motivation style, you are invited to click a link to learn more about it. Unfortunately, that link only took me back to the original article so while I may now know my learning style, I have no idea how to utilise that information to motivate myself better.

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