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Is it finally time to choose a course? Here are the signs!

by Yvette Maurice

Are you nearly ready to choose your course? There are lots of reasons our students choose to study with Open Colleges! Our courses are flexible, self-paced and online. Here 3 students tell us how they chose their courses.

It’s nearly time to study!

Why should you choose to study a course online? This can be a great month to investigate options for study.

Which course are you thinking of doing?

Busy mum Lisa combines study with caring for her kids:

The inside info on job seeking

When Lisa first started her studies with Open Colleges, she and her young family were located in Melbourne, Victoria. Lisa explains, “Online learning with Open Colleges made continuing my studies so much easier and more flexible! I was able to pick up where I left off so easily once we had settled in.”

Lisa chose her course because she needed the flexibility to be able to study while looking after her children. Lisa elaborates, “I was able to study whilst my children slept or went to day care, it was the most convenient option for me at the time and it worked a treat!” Lisa was also able to keep in contact with others students via Open Colleges’ online learning platform, OpenSpace.

Lisa says she simply found Open Colleges to be the most convenient way to study. Read more about Lisa’s study journey here.

Fashion student Olivia studies and lives in a regional town:

What made fashion student Olivia choose to do a course online? “Probably where I am,” she says. Olivia says that her rural location was a major factor in electing to study online (her home town Mildura is about 400 kilometres from Adelaide and 550 kilometres from Melbourne). Studying online can be the perfect option for people who don’t want to travel to a campus.

“I started my brand of handbags and I wanted to move into making clothing and I thought it would be easier knowing sizing and how to make patterns.” Can you use a course to realise your professional goals? Read Olivia’s fashion design story here.

Travel student Matt had time between job roles:

The inside info on job seeking

Last year, Matt found himself with some time between personal and professional projects and decided to investigate the tourism industry.

Matt explains, “If I’m going to work in travel I might as well get to know the trade a little bit better. I researched around online to find out what was available. I looked at TAFE and universities then I came across Open Colleges. I rang up and spoke to (the Enrolment Consultant) and next thing I knew, I had enrolled.”

Matt chose his course as a way of investigating another industry that he had a professional interest it – now he’s receiving awards and planning his next career move!

Read Matt’s journey in tourism here.

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Are you ready to choose a course?

How close are you to choosing the perfect course? With a range of online courses to choose from, Open Colleges has something for everyone! These three students chose their courses for very different reasons – are you nearly ready to jump into some study?

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