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10 reasons to study photography online

by kirsty

If you’re the creative type and you’re interested in learning the basics of photography, already consider yourself a bit of a talent or you’re looking to forward your photography career you may be interested in studying photography in an online course. Here are the top 10 reasons why you should stop considering it and just do it:

1. Photographers need a higher education too

Most professionals have some sort of formal qualification and for many roles it’s a pre-requisite to obtain a position. While it may not be the only way to secure a career as a photographer, having studied the subject will make you more employable.

2. Online study emulates the real working world

For most online students, one of the most important reasons for choosing to study online is to work at your own pace, setting your own hours, goals and workload. For many professional photographers this is how their working lives are also setup, especially for freelancers. This helps to establish discipline for study and work.

3. You need more than just practice

Many aspiring photographers and artists believe that all they need is practice, especially when they’ve already got the talent. Unfortunately, this isn’t usually the case. Photography is a much wider subject than simply pointing and shooting, and even getting the right technique down. Real study embraces the entire subject, taking into account its history, future and theory as well as the technical aspects of capture and post production.

4. Learn business skills

To succeed as a professional photographer, you need a lot more than just photography skills, you need business smarts too. Many photographers are freelance, or many simply start out that way or create their own business, which means you’ll need the business savvy to match.

5. The challenge

While some of you may have already found your niche market, a photography course will better allow you to challenge your structure and already established skills, helping you to become more creative and innovative with your photography. This is especially important when you first start taking jobs as you’ll often have assignments that aren’t your norm. An online course will push your boundaries and help you better develop your skills and creativity.

6. The creative community

By studying a photography course online you’ll establish a community of photography peers, all going through the same courses, learning the same ideas and practices. You’ll be able to bounce ideas off one another, get assignment help from your Trainer and Assessor and even meet a study buddy online.

7. You can work at your own pace

Studying online will allow you to work at your own pace, in your own hours. This way you have the flexibility to really let your creative juices flow, working with your inspiration rather than against it and against the clock.

8. You will learn things you can’t learn on your own

If you were teaching yourself photography, it may take years and years, double or even triple the time it would take you to learn the same techniques and skills in an online course. That’s because when you’re trying to teach yourself, you often end up spending your time troubleshooting rather than learning something new.

9. Work will always be there

While some may argue that there are too many photographers and not enough photography jobs, the truth is, photography is an art and a marketing tool that will always be around. Unlike other professions there is no fear that the medium, niche or need will go away any time soon. Even when everyone fancies themselves to be a great shot, there are some shots that only a professional can get.

10. You’ll potentially enhance your opportunities for employment

Whether you’re a freelance photographer, a hobbyist or already have a decent career in the market, studying a photography course will give you professional skills. In the competitive market, this could lead to further professional activities.

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