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The 10 hottest jobs of 2013

by Yvette Maurice

The 10 Hottest Jobs of 2013

The year is well underway! Businesses are in full swing, recruiting from the buoyant Australian job market. Things are looking up for career changers, job seekers and students aiming to find a new profession before the end of the year. Which industries are booming and actively seeking employees? Here are the hottest jobs of 2013: You could be on your way to a career in one of these exciting sectors by choosing one of over 150 dynamic courses on offer from Open Colleges.

1. Marketing Specialist

Almost all businesses, companies and products need to be marketed and promoted. People who have specialist skills in the marketing industry are finding employment opportunities are expanding as the sector becomes more specialised and diversified. Marketing roles suit those who are interested in business, but who might have more creative flair and a knack for ideas and strategies. Often marketing experts choose to focus on areas of speciality such as public relations, customer service, small business or even events.

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2. Accountant

A job that you can take with you anywhere, Accountants are often employed as sole traders or with larger companies, enjoying the flexibility of working as they choose. If you have a talent for mathematics and organisation as well as strict attention to detail, then accountancy could be an area that allows you to combine your love of numbers with your people skills. Earning accounting qualifications could mean gaining a life-long career that is fulfilling, steady and mentally stimulating.

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3. Human Resources Professional

Human Resources is an area of business that just keeps growing. HR professionals are increasingly being valued for what they add to a company or business by hiring, managing and retaining effective staff, and dealing with the needs of the culture of an organisation, while communicating these to all employees. HR professionals usually have a flair for organisation, enjoy dealing with many different levels of management within an organisation and value the needs and opinions of those they work with.

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4. Occupational Therapy (OT) Assistant

Occupational Therapists (OTs) assist people who may have had an injury or disability to live functional, comfortable lives. OT Assistants work alongside Occupational Therapists to assess the physical limitations of their clients, aiming to provide therapy and solutions to allow that person to go back to their daily tasks at home or work. Roles in occupational therapy would suit people who have an interest in allied health, rehabilitation and dealing with people in a caring and respectful way.

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5. Fitness Trainer

The health and fitness industries continue to grow, and are now worth more than $1.2 billion a year nationally. Fitness and Personal Trainers work with their clients to tailor a personal fitness program to their individual needs, working alongside them to reach their health goals. Work in this sector can be rewarding, fulfilling and diverse and would suit people with a passion for health, well-being and goal-setting. Employment in the health and fitness sectors can be within many types of environments, from small businesses, large corporations and everything in between.

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6. Assistant Nutritionist

According to the Australian government’s Job Outlook website employment for Dietitians/Nutritionists towards 2017 is expected to grow strongly. Employment in this occupation rose strongly in the past five years, suggesting that the outlook is positive for those who are seeking employment in the health and fitness sector. Assistant Nutritionists help Dietitians and Nutritionists to inform people of the most sensible, healthy dietary choices for optimal health and wellbeing.

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7. Project Manager

Another growth area for the business sector, Project Managers specialise in estimating costs and developing a budget, risk assessment, dealing with contracts, and scheduling and scope planning within realistic and workable timeframes. Project management can be a diverse and fast-paced occupation where dealing with many tiers of an organisation is expected. Many roles in business require project management skills, so studying this formally can be a great way to diversify your current skills portfolio.

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8. Dental Assistant

Dental Assistants work alongside a dentist for all stages of the patient’s treatment. Dental Assistants may help with many functions of the running of a dental surgery, including patient preparation, mixing materials, sterilising instruments and assisting by the chairside; passing instruments and using suction apparatus. A dental assistant may also maintain patient records, order supplies, prepare accounts and collect payments. Employment in the dentistry sector could be a rewarding career move for those who are interested in healthcare and who are looking for a diverse and enjoyable working life.

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9. Legal Secretary

A Legal Secretary is a secretary who works for an in-house legal department or law firm, assisting lawyers by providing administrative support. Similar roles are often titled Legal Assistant, Support Officer or Assistant Paralegal. Work for Legal Secretaries is often quite varied as they may deal with a plethora of business and legal issues, combining their skills with their knowledge of current technology. This industry would suit those with keen attention to detail and a love of the legal system. Studying to gain accredited skills in this field could be a move towards an exciting career.

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10. Information, Digital Media and Technology Professional

A business sector that continues to boom, the information technology industry is always on the lookout for talented individuals to build careers in the fast-paced world of digital media. Although roles in information technology can be varied, in general, IT Professionals provide support for maintenance of computer infrastructures and provide help with solutions to technical problems. The Australian Job Outlook website states that the job prospects for this profession are expected to grow strongly to 2017.

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2013 is in full swing – are you?

Whatever your talents, level of experience and goals, there is an Open Colleges course to get you on the path to a fulfilling and interesting career. Explore the many options you have to build on your current skills and interests to potentially find a career pathway that could be the start of a whole new life.

What if none of these jobs sound like ‘you’?

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