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Niklas Adamson: from earth testing to personal training [case study]

by Yvette Maurice

Niklas Adamson originally enrolled to do the Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (specialising in Nutrition & Dietetics) HLT42512 but changed into the Certificate IV in Fitness SIS40210 as he decided that studying fitness was the way to go, as the specific subjects the course offered interested Nik more.

Nik has always had a passion for keeping fit. “I wanted to study fitness out of a general interest in the topic and a firm belief that utilising the knowledge I would gain and being fit is the easiest and best way to live a healthy, happy life.”

Nik found Open Colleges through a Google search, and managed to complete his course in about 12 months, studying his course all online. Nik soon found a passion for what he was studying. “I didn’t find the course difficult to get into, as I was so interested in the topics, I found I was eager to learn as opposed to having to discipline myself to allot time for course work.”

Nik also has a personal reason and inspiration for his fitness journey, as in his childhood, he had some pretty serious health problems. “When I was four years old I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in my abdomen; about the size of two oranges. It was surgically removed any I was treated with radiotherapy as well as chemotherapy. Once I was old enough to understand that a fit and healthy lifestyle was the ideal way to keep any recurrence at bay, I developed my immense passion for fitness.”

The course Nik decided to do also includes a work placement. This is where students find work in a workplace similar to the one they have been studying in order to get a real feel for the industry which they are hoping to enter.

“Work placement was a breeze to find, the management and staff at Planet Fitness Belmont, the fitness club I’ve been a long time member of, didn’t hesitate to help me out when I asked if I could do placement with them.” In fact, Nik was so keen, he now works there!

“I’m currently working in a sales and marketing position at Planet Fitness while I finish my qualifications and will move into the personal training team on completion. I have a keen interest in fitness hence why I chose this qualification.” Previously Nik had been working as a geotechnician doing earthworks testing while he studied online. He never actually thought that he’d end up loving his studies so much that they would lead him to begin a whole new career!

“I was interested in fitness and wanted to increase my knowledge, I hadn’t actually thought of using my qualification in the industry. I have always been reasonably fit.”

Nik found studying with Open Colleges to be a positive experience. “Studying with Open Colleges was excellent as far as educational information, accessibility to help and swiftness of marking assessments went.” Nik has plans to become a fully qualified personal trainer.

From testing the earth to instructing others on fitness, Nik has come full circle in his study journey. If you find yourself in the Belmont area of Newcastle, then stop in and say hello to Nik at Planet Fitness.

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