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4 iPhone apps to help you get a job

by Andrianes Pinantoan

The arrival of the iPhone 5 has finally settled in upon us and while the initial jumping for joy has started to fade, there’s still a lot to be happy about. The taller screen, the sleeker design, and the improved service have had many biting their nails in anticipation for what seems like an eternity.

But alas, if you find yourself without a job, don’t fret – the iPhone 5 is a worthwhile investment and here’s why: it can help you get a job! These 4 apps will walk you through the entire process and have you signing an employment contract in no time.

CareerBuilder: Wish you had a way to search and organize job prospects? The CareerBuilder app makes it so simple, allowing you to filter through more than 2 million jobs on the US’s largest job listing site. You can receive personalized job recommendations, email jobs to yourself or friends, and save jobs as favorites so that they’re easy to go back to later on. One of the best things about this app? It’s absolutely free.

JobJuice Social Media Expert: Listed as one of the top 10 business apps, JobJuice Social Media provides more than 100 cards, each of which is chock full of vastly useful information, including job opportunities and personal branding tactics. You can search quickly and easily with key words and review your job search and application standing from anywhere at anytime. Although this is the most expensive app on our list, with a purchase price of $14.99, it’s hard to judge just how lucrative your next job might be.

Pocket Resume: Formerly ranked the #1 Paid Business App in the US and Canada, this app still offers a great service for only $2.99.  When you find that dream position, you won’t want to waste time drafting your resume from scratch.  Pocket Resume pulls information from your social media and allows you to subsequently, create, save, and email your resume right from your iPhone! You can quickly apply to multiple positions in almost no time.

Interview Questions Pro: While creating a resume is a barrier for some, surviving the interview is a hurdle for many more – but with Interview Questions Pro you can quickly and effectively prep for your next interview. A flashcard review app, IQP offers more than 600 detailed cards from six different categories, ranging from work history questions to questions you should be asking! With all of this prep, you won’t be caught off guard during the real thing! This app is available for just $.99!

With these four apps, your job hunting days may soon be over! Keep your efforts streamlined, your name out there, and your application efforts relentless, and you’re certain to experience greater success. Now wouldn’t that be the best holiday present this year?

gregmoran-100x100This is a guest post by  Greg Moran, President, and CEO of, an Employee Selection and Automated Reference Checking technology suite as well as a respected author on Human Capital Management with published works including Hire, Fire & The Walking Dead and Building the Talent Edge.  Greg can be found blogging at or on twitter @CEOofChequed.

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